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You Burn Torches, You Salute Like a Nazis Sympathizer, You Are Unaware of The Actions of Your Leader, You Call Others the Problem with America?

In America, freedom does not come with the proper use of manual, unless you are part of the government, and it has a specific guide. That guide is the United States Constitution, written by more intellectual and qualified men than those who peruse the hallways of Congress and the White House of Today. Many great souls have defended the shores of America to protect that freedom and to stop all Tyrants, oligarchs, and communist. Today the young, the unsophisticated, and uneducated cheer on those values each time they propagate the lies, and misdealing’s of the party that is currently in control.

Americans see report after report of a President who has done underhanded dealings, spending millions at his properties, getting contracts in return for lowering or dismissal of taxes, and payoffs from Vladimir Putin’s henchmen. The American populace is encompassed daily with new revealing reports of crimes, and the White supremacist, Nazi sympathizers and selfish greedy ignore reality for an attitude equal to that of sanctioning such illegal and immoral behavior.

Americans see a GOP majority who ignores the emoluments clause which significantly states:

“The Title of Nobility Clause is a provision in Article I, Section 9, and Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, which prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states without the consent…”

Americans also see a GOP majority Congress that gives way to a man who is at best out of control, at worst, having several minor strokes that make him lose memory, have emotional lapses, and ignores the history and credence to previous Presidents. America is losing its ability to clearly define right from wrong, what is acceptable, and what is not. The President is bringing discord, hate-mongering, racism, and bigotry to the level of being acceptable by the White Supremacist groups, which degrades decades of real integration of thought by all Americans. Martin Luther King’s memory is being destroyed by the same party who brags about equality, and opportunity, but only for the white race in their actions.

America sees lawyers lying for Donald Trump; we see Donald Trump paying lawyers to pay off prostitutes who they also threatened into silence. We see the angry White Supremacist insulting teenagers like Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and other young gun control activists. We see the GOP spending haphazardly for special projects, and no one challenges them that has drunk the Kool-Aid of the Trumpism. There is no level at which Donald Trump has shown dignity, elegance, or even honor. We see the wife of the President swiping away his hand, staying in New York away from him, and the latest event to chalk up for Donald is his deflection of losing nearly 1500 children in his ambush of immigrants coming to America to become part of the American dream.

America has seen brethren in Puerto Rico without proper necessities, and Donald Trump does nothing to assist them while they have been in their year of need. We see allies walking away from America, being insulted daily, and threatened while tyrants and authoritarian dictators. America watches as the cost of fuel increase alarmingly due to the turn back of signed agreements with leaders in the Middle East, and the worst is the onslaught of mass killings around America because America has no leader who brings about unity, honor, and integrity. America knew that life would never be the same when two criminals were the two choices for President in 2016, but honestly, to elect either shows the deprivation of one’s moral courage and that there is genuinely no reality for many voters in America. America needs to shed its coats of shame, for the civil war has come and gone, the Red Coats and the Blue Coats need to be put away, and a new breed of integrity driven American Patriots must be honored with the opportunity to move America forward to the place known as the Shining City Upon The Hill, where there is still back bone to tell Russia to back off or be dealt the consequence, and the elderly and poor of America are given the opportunity to live life and no longer just attempt to survive.

When a real conservative financially integrates with a real liberal who puts American people first, then America will see the light of a New Dawn, and there will be no room for haters, murderers, and those who feel deserved. America no longer lives in an age where Abortion should still be an issue if you partake, then you pay and become responsible for your actions, or that the right to defend one’s family is questioned, or that one’s words are stopped from speaking louder because there is the need to be heard. There needs to be dawning in reality to ending guns that encroach America’s schools, and hurt, meme, or kill the innocent, or that the elderly are forgotten and left to die alone without the comforts of love, honor, and respect. No American should worry about losing their livelihood, savings, or future because of a severe medical issue, and no individual deserves to become filthy rich off the backs of workers and followers that he has taken advantage of, underpaid, or worse ignored to pay.

Socialism does not work, so taxation without representation, and only for defense is treasonous and against the Constitution. Communism takes away one’s freedom to speak, to think, and to express oneself, which is against the very fabric of the Constitution, and God’s gift to every man, woman, and child. Tyrannical discourse is for out of touch, selfish, greedy oligarchs who believe they know better, but reality has proven through history their life of autocratic rule ends in destruction and turmoil.

If you speak words of bigotry, racism, pledge allegiance to one person, salute as the Nazi Brown Shirts did, and spew hatred and falsehoods as those who follow Donald Trump, then America has no room for you at its Inn, and it is time you changed or moved on, for you are what is truly disgusting and wrong with America today. Let the masses stand in defiance of the tyrannical bigotry of Donald Trump, and ring the bell of Freedom once again from sea to shining sea, from the mountain tops to the prairies, and let the individual American Citizen take their rightful place as the actual owner of America, and not government nor the corrupt political wing of America today.

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