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This is my answer to you and your staff. I have also sent this message overseas because I think they need to see what America has become: I apologize for the length of this post, but as a proud American citizen, of one legal immigrant parent and a Native American mother, who grew respecting our government and holding America’s Democracy in high esteem, I now find myself disgusted and embarrassed for our country and it’s legal citizens because of this years election for President.

Here is what I have to say to these power brokers et al, or the politicians, false witnesses, Democrats, RINOs, Rich Hollywood wanna be so called actors–that don’t hold a candle to stars like Jack Lemon et al, Mrs. Clinton, and The Wall Street Gang who are demanding the standing, selected person of the main stream members of the Republican party: “The Question of this year’s Presidential election is one of government for the people and by the people. Under our system of government by political parties, two elements, equal in importance, are involved in the exercise of suffrage; one, the making of the ballot; the other, the the casting of the ballot. The right to cast the ballot (if you are a legal US citizen and can prove it–unless a corrupt Supreme Court system intervenes illegally.) is regarded as sacred. The right to make the ballot is equally sacred. No man/women would be willing to delegate his power to vote the ballot at general elections. No man/women shall be compelled to delegate his/her power to make his ballot. The current power brokers and their followers are on the American media and her web pages at this very moment telling MR Trump, and his followers this message: Your may elect whichever candidates you please to office, if you will allow “US” to select the candidates. These power brokers with their millions of dollars feel they can afford to say: You may vote any ticket you please so long as you allow us to make all of the tickets. I say, if this happens the character of the men/women nominated and the influence to which they owe their nomination will determine the character of this American Government. As a lowly middle class, Patriotic American, I say this is wrong. A primary election should provide the safeguards for nominating and electing its candidates in this so called Democracy If History has taught us anything, it’s that political machines are a combination with aggregate wealth and corporate power, making the interests of America’s citizens and the state subservient to their own selfish ends. In the end I ask (All I know is that his name first name was Ryan.) you the same question I heard some Chief Justice of the American Court once said, “Which shall rule—wealth or mankind; which shall lead—the [money of Wall Street, RINOs, the Clinton clan, and left wing media] or intellect [and what is really Democracy and in the US Constitution]; who shall fill public stations—educated and patriotic freemen[/free-women], or the feudal servants of corporate power [in America?] In closing, I want to add that if Mr. Trump is pushed out of this election, America will be going in a direction that only has a dead end, because if the majority decision of a the current Republican party is ignored and reversed, if the expressed will of the people is scorned and scorned again—then the popular government fails, then governments of the people, by the people, and for the people will be at and end.

I hate to say it, but this years Presidential election is a mockery of US Democracy because it is no longer being governed by the rules of Democratic Suffrage, so in the eyes of the world the will of the people in America has perished from the earth.

Yours, Reg B Two Stones

Note this post was inspired by using some paraphrasing from a speech by Robert Marion La Follette, 1855-1925. I thank him for being in tune with this Century.


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