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Law: A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. Rule: An authoritative, prescribed direction for conduct. Tolerance: Leeway for variation from a standard.

Understand this: Law is a set of rules which are written, unchangeable except by formal, written modification. It cannot be “tolerant” of alternative rules because there is no sane judgment based on two or more sets of rules. You may be tolerant in APPLYING one law, but any law which tolerates other laws is NO LONGER LAW.

A country is defined by its laws as much as by its boundaries. If a country permits other laws it is no longer a country.

To admit tolerance in written law is to admit alternatives to the law of the land, in such a manner that any other law, which is both intolerant and consistent will be applied consistently, and soon will replace the “tolerant” law of the land.

Any country that TOLERATES alternatives to their law of their land will find it impossible to apply the law that defines their country. Application of the country’s law becomes impossible because of its lack of consistency.

Any alternative to the law of the land which does not tolerate variation from said law (such as Sharia law), becomes first recognized by the current law of the land, then it becomes recognized as an alternative to the law of the land, then ultimately it replaces the existing law of the land, destroying all traces of the country’s history, values and culture.

Tolerance in the country’s law makes inconsistent law. Inconsistent law makes application impossible. It permits law (and judgment, and application) diametrically opposed to the VALUES (and tradition, and history and culture) of the host country. It replaces the law of the land.

Thus, if the law of the land is tolerant, only intolerant law, such as the obscene, yet consistent and intolerant Sharia law, can be consistently applied.

A nation and a nation’s civilization requires that its law be intolerant in its rules. If we want to continue civilization we can only be tolerant in the practice of the law, never in the law itself.

We cannot TOLERATE alternatives to civilized law and still keep a civilized country.

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