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WRECKERS AND TOWING COMPANIES located in Davidson County, and in the state of TENNESSEE.

The towing practices of the towing companies located in Davidson County, Tennessee are well defined within the laws set down by the public service commission, towing rules and regulations as provided by the state of Tennessee.  They are being violated on a daily and hourly basis in middle Tennessee. There are no enforcement personnel to check on towing companies/wrecker companies, therefore, the owners and operators of towing companies and record companies health no fear when towing someone’s vehicle. The record company has free reign when towing a vehicle, or damage sustained in the recovery of the vehicle and transporting that vehicle to a storage facility that they own or rent. There are no guards to prevent vandalism and damage to the vehicle once towed to the lot.

Wrecker companies are so confident about violating vehicle owners rights, they tow the vehicle with no concern for the private owner of the towed vehicle. There are laws that are written and or available at the Tennessee Department of Commerce that spells out in clear detail what rights and laws or on the books pertaining to the towing company, as well as, the vehicle owner. The problem that currently exist in Tennessee, as well as many other states, seem to be the availability and access to the rules and regulations set down by the state regarding the towing of their vehicle and the owner of the vehicles private property rights. It is very clear, as written in the state wrecker/towing rules and regulations, that before a vehicle is towed, the wrecker must not hook up to the vehicle to be towed, without attempting to notify the vehicles owner.

If the vehicle is being towed from private property, the private property owner must sign off on the towing companies paperwork, authorizing the towing of the vehicle. He must sign his full signature, using his full name and or the company which the vehicle being towed is located on. If there are NO one to sign off on the wrecker operator’s paper work, then the police must be call. The supervisor must sign off on the towing order before the wrecker ever starts to hook up to the vehicle to be towed.

The wrecker company/towing company, when questioned, will reply that they are operating under the rules and regulations as set down by the state, County and city in which they are licensed and and insured in. That does not ensure the fact that they are licensed and permitted to tow your vehicle. You, as a consumer, and the owner of the towed vehicle, have the right to see the towing company’s license and permits, as well as proof of insurance coverage to operate a wrecker/towing business. It is said, the local Metro license and towing commission set the rates for towing, as well as, where the towed vehicle must be towed to, and the storage lot. The commission states a minimum and maximum dollar amount, depending upon the class of vehicle, the rate per mile, other fees, such as administrative fees and the labor rates charged in the process of securing the vehicle for towing to the storage impound.

There is a daily storage rate and the commission sets forth a minimum and maximum storage rate per day, however, some non-scrupulous operators will blatantly violate these rules and regulations due to the fact, there are no enforcement of these rules and regulations.

If you own a vehicle and it has been towed in the state of Tennessee, make sure your vehicle is not damaged by inspecting the vehicle before you pay the bill for the towing charges. Make sure the towing company is legal and licensed and that they have operate and permits that include DOT and FM CSA permits along with the proper and required operating insurance.

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