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What would happen if the people controlled the world in an open free market?  Can they use their power to stop world violence?  Why not give it a try from the comfort of home.  Welcome to
World Peace In Progress
Your goal is to make a profit by owning a marker on the game board which represents a seat in the World Peace Political Center and take control of a documented thought or memory of a famous person from the past.  Explore all 16 pages of the site until you figure out the best strategy to become one of the smartest, richest, and most powerful people on earth.  Good luck, have fun, play smart, and make some money.All participants are virtual politicians that get a stake in free enterprise while guiding the future toward world peace.
Welcome to project “World Peace In Progress“.

People that can think outside the box with an open mind will most likely have the best results.  The future is constantly changing as new people get on board and take control.  Stay ahead of the movement and work your way to the top.

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Michael Micelli

I believe liberty and freedom is a stepping stone to world peace.


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