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I am a conservative, have been longer than many who are all up in arms about #nevertrump have even been alive. I have never voted for, supported for, or spoke in a positive light any Democrat, and I never will. I will not vote for Donald Trump for so many reasons, but I will speak in a more general manner so everyone can grasp the reasoning.

First, I always believed that Republicans believed in less control, less government, and allowed you to live and work as you wished. Donald Trump has many liberal views including a social health program, the Planned parenthood funding, tax imports to create higher goods, and then he tells us that he wants to change the first amendment. Where are these on any platform that any Republican Convention have these liberals ideals been espoused?

I loved Ronald Reagan, remember the crying during JFK shooting, and the Nixon scandal. Never have I been so embarrassed by two parties as these two this year. The Democrats are offering a person who has a questionable past if not criminal, while the Republicans offer a bombastic arrogant and hateful person. Words are words, and deeds are deeds. And these two candidates both not only have lied several times over and over but have proven their criminal nature in their actions.

I watched in disgust on Monday a party that was so scared of the party delegates and a potential outcome other than their desired outcome, that they went against their own rules, against parliamentary procedure, and also against the Constitutional right of people to voice their opinion in a peaceful assembly. The Republican Party, in secretive agreement with Donald Trump, utilized the RICO tactics, which is the threat of harm through strong arm tactics and bullying to get a specific outcome, utilized by a powerful entity against a weaker entity. That in itself told me everything I needed to see. That is not anything that I will be a part of. The sad thing is that the rules written give the chairperson of the RNC more power, and states and nominees less power. IT makes the RNC more like the DNC. Why were the Trump supporters cheering? Simply put ignorance of the true issue.

The first night of the convention only added more flames to an already questionable thought process of a man that belongs more under psychiatric treatment, than to become POTUS. He starts the night off with a television star from Duck dynasty, then has an outdated childhood star, Chachi, from Happy days. We then see Donald unabashed offering of a still grieving Mom of one of the murdered Benghazi men, which may have still been alive if not for Obama and Hillary hesitation and no ability to make a quick decision. This was not to highlight positive, but to push sympathy for a vote and that was so awful, so sad, so sickening that Donald would even accept this was beyond pale.

I am bombarded daily by ignorant, rude, vulgar supporters of Donald that cannot respect another’s difference of opinion, and accuse me of being a liberal. That is so sickening, so obtuse to reality, and such arrogance, that it causes those who did not support Trump, to continue to not support Trump. Then Trump, his pundits, and his “brown shirt” tactical social followers all demand unity to beat the liberal agenda? IT is the job of the candidate to unify the party, not those who see no redeeming qualities in him to unify with him.

Finally, I have morals. I was raised to hold those morals close to my heart. I do. It includes respect for all unless they personally attack you, or your family. I have ethics, which does not allow me to badger others, lie, steal, cheat, be racist, be bigoted, or slanderous towards others for my own self-indulgence. I have integrity, where my word Is my bond. When I was growing up, my Dad taught me that a man was only as good as his word. I believe that, and understand it after watching people throughout the years. And then I was taught that you cannot teach an old dog a new trick. This is evident with Donald Trump, where he goes back to what he knows, the Liberal playbook of slander, lie, bully, deceive, and cry when caught. Donald cannot be conservative, does not want conservatives, is no Christian in the true sense of the word, since he has committed adultery, shows hate, lies about others, abused his ex-wives, etc. , and Donald is not truly aware of the importance of the Constitution. IF you are not aware of the importance of the Constitution, and the effect it has to create this country, then you are truly exerted from reality and knowledge of American heritage and greatness.

No, I will never vote for Hillary, I am a conservative, but I cannot vote for Donald because he provides the antithesis of all that I believe in. See, unlike the flip-flopping politicians, and California television stars, I am a CHRISTIAN CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE and will never forget my Savior, my Country, and my Freedom are gifts from God, not a man, not a party, and not by hate filled followers of a simple egomaniac, power hungry Hitleresque, liberal.


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