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I’d like to know just what the heck is going on in D.C. Every other president is allowed to start his term relatively peacefully but obviously not PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Obama made umpteen UNconstitutional EAs and EOs without even a PEEP from Congress. Obama broke his Oath of Office numerous times by picking and choosing what laws he’d uphold and what laws he wouldn’t because HE disagreed with them and yet our Congress…Dems and Repubs together…did NOTHING! Our Congress…especially Reid and Pelosi…KNEW that Obama had never been Constitutionally-vetted yet chose to NEVER address this very important issue despite OUR wanting them to.  Also, Obama used at least 16 different Social Security numbers, with his current one being that of a deceased Connecticut man and yet Congress turns a blind eye to this!  (This is why HE couldn’t pass E-Verify!)

We finally said “Enough is enough” after watching our Constitution get trampled on by these so-called “leaders” of ours for over 8 years and WE rose up and elected Trump by a landslide, overcoming rigged election machines, the DNC’s bussing of dem voters from one district to another in order to vote multiple times, and the lamestream media’s concerted efforts to lie and slander both Trump and us!

NOW these traitorous “leaders” are not only tying the hands of the president WE VOTED INTO OFFICE but also making up lies and innuendos as they go along in an effort to impeach our president and get him out of our WH!

HOWEVER, on the OTHER HAND, President Trump has continued to appoint career politicians and people who’ve been loyal to the Clintons into very high positions of leadership such as the AG (Senator Sessions) and FBI Director positions (Christopher Wray).  WHY???!!! Didn’t Trump HEAR US when we said “NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS”…”HILLARY FOR PRISON”…”ONLY CONSTITUTION-FOLLOWING PEOPLE IN OUR GOVERNMENT”, ETC?!

So what I want to know is this: ARE WE BEING PLAYED BY BOTH SIDES? Was it the intention of BOTH sides to put Trump into office in an effort to appease our loyalty to our country and then impeach him on lies, allowing them to then put who THEY want into our WH…and hoping that this would be the final straw to break the camel’s back, starting a second Civil War???

After all, they knew just as WE did that Hillary was no real competition for Trump. And with all the effort both sides are putting into this sham of an “investigation”, we can be certain they have “just the right person” to sit in our WH…and it WON’T be someone who wants to build UP our country!  (Nor will it be Hillary.  She was just a tool they used.)

What is very troubling to me is that I’ve started wondering if Trump is ‘IN’ on this sham…which could possibly explain his disappointing appointments of career politicians and long-time Clinton friends to high leadership positions: extremely contrary to what WE wanted in our country’s leadership positions!

Ask yourself this question: Why would such an intelligent person as Trump nominate/appoint people whose loyalties have been with the Clintons for years?  And why would he appoint a career politician with large shares in Privatized Prisons to head our AG…an AG who’s currently petitioning Congress to allow him to go after all people who smoke marijuana in states where it’s been made legal AND the people VOTED for it?

And why does Sessions want to go after NON-violent “regular Joe” pot smokers, even going so far as to ask Congress permission to have these people receive the MAXIMUM sentence?  Because he has LOTS of SHARES in the Privatized Prison system, and NON-VIOLENT “regular Joes” having a joint in their possession are much easier to find and round up than real criminals like Cartel members, murderers, rapists, gun smugglers, burglars, etc.  AG Sessions would be able to fill up those prisons FAST, making a need for MORE prisons to be built…and generating more money into HIS bank account!

States’ Rights and our votes obviously mean very little to our current AG, especially where his wallet is concerned.

I’m not saying that Trump is part of this whole fabricated theatrical play called an “investigation” that is currently being choreographed by both parties. But I’m not ruling it out either.

We, the American people, already know we’re being lied to by the Dems and Repubs in D.C., and the ONLY reason WHY that I can see is that they want their New World Order/One World Government as well as their North American Union. But is Trump part of this ‘theatrical play’? I don’t know. I want to say “no” but then, looking at his appointments that also, by the way, include his Son-In-Law Jared Kushner as Senior Advisor, I am suspicious.

If you haven’t done your homework on 36 year old Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-Law and Senior Advisor, you might want to. His background is a bit disturbing to say the very least.

I will leave all of this for others to ponder. I’m simply putting my concerns “out there” so others might stop and think a bit. After all, if I’m wondering about all of this, surely other Trumpsters are wondering the same things.

I sincerely pray that Trump is on our side and not a willing actor in the ‘Great Investigation Deception’.  But either way, whether Trump is forced out or made to LOOK like he was forced out of our White House, you can be sure the Second Civil War won’t be far behind this action.

But then, the Book of Revelation states that there WILL be a One World Government so who knows.  Maybe this is why the Book of Revelation doesn’t mention the USA: because she no longer exists, maybe due to what’s going on in D.C. right now.

Time will tell.


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