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Sharia is to Islam what Natural Law is to Nature’s God, what the Law is to Judaism, what Liberty is to Americans, what Critical Theory and weaponized Political Correctness is to The Left, and what the Gospel is to Christianity.

Many question why the working class, union members, and the unemployed have failed to benefit economically from the ascension of the Left to political and economic power during Obama’s reign in the White House. After all, the Constitution and Free Market Capitalism seem on the decline. The answer is because the Left no longer needs to help The Working Class. We would think just because the Left, including Obama, is Marxist they want what is best for workers and takers: to raise them out of poverty, to get them jobs, to make their mundane victimized lives easier at the expense of the rich. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The working class who continue to hang onto the Utopian dream: when they as the takers will never “run out of other people’s money,” will not ever experience that dream’s fulfillment. They have been left in the dust, discarded, “thrown under the bus,” are being Madoffed by a new school of Marxists, relatively speaking, who claim they want an entirely different group of people to win the fruits of the revolution: including but not limited to, “university students, ghetto blacks, the alienated, the asocial, and the Third World.” Not only are the world’s social misfits to be the privileged beneficiaries of this new school of Marxism, they are also the school’s foot soldiers and cannon fodder.

Meaning it doesn’t matter if the foot soldier is asocial, anti-social, crazed loner gunman, crazed like a Jihadist, suicide bomber, white supremacist, of the Mexican cartel, of Obama’s Impending Democracy Spring or Arab Spring, gang member, mobster, illegal immigrant, illegal voter, BLM, neo-Nazi, Occupy, anarchist, wrongfully released felon, Green Peace, or one of any number of violent and anti-violence activist groups; all their members are ideal replacements for those who at one time were the Left’s true love now quite unrequited: the American worker, union members, the poverty stricken, and the downtrodden.

This change in who now benefits from “the down in the struggle” helps explain why Hillary, Obama, Sanders, and Warren are completely and totally at home with Islam and the woman’s right to choose, all at home with Islam and the LGBT, and all at home with Islam, diversity, and tolerance; because they are all on the same side of a wall separating them from “Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism.” -(see above university students link)

This is also why when the ISIS inspired, wife beating, intimidating co-worker, loony gunman walked into Orlando’s most popular gay bar and killed forty-nine people; almost every media spokesman and government official repeated the meme they had been conditioned to pontificate upon, “This could happen anywhere.” This could happen anywhere, only where a culture is under attack and severely wounded.

Old school Marxists established as their beneficiaries the working class, so they devised and implemented a political-economic war involving armies and gulags to win the day for the Proletariat. New School Marxists, which many identify Herbert Marcuse as being their founder, wage a different style war altogether for the replacement beneficiaries noted above; their weaponry political correctness to stigmatize the opposition, their target the culture standing in the way of open borders, worldwide totalitarianism for the Marxist or the Sharia enslaved Caliphate for the Muslim. Same difference.

Just as states in the United States were intended by the founders to keep our federal government at bay; so nations, differing cultures, and the Babel of languages were intended to keep ancient Nimrod’s goal of world government at bay. But now misfits, the castoffs of every nation on earth, including those drug dealers and rapists Mexico shipped to the United States, as Donald Trump so admirably pointed out; have been convinced they will be the beneficiaries of the new world order. The dregs of society have been encouraged to carry on their attacks anywhere. The terror of their attacks, whether by Jihadist, lone wolf, or mentally disturbed lone gunman is by design magnified increasingly by the repeated line; the propagandic, pseudo wisdom of pundit journalist and devious congressman alike, “This could happen anywhere.”

In that day, when it has occurred everywhere, someday, the Left and Islam will meet, shake hands, and share the glory of their successes; just before, that is, they each punch something into their cell phones, sending all, every one of the world’s “democracy” embracing uninformed voters into the arms of Marx and Mohammed.

This article originally titled Why Hillary Is Totally at Home With Islam, Extreme Feminism, and the LGBTQ was published on on June 18, 2016.

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