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Most of my life I have heard from women about their choices. “I wanna be this, I wanna be that I can choose anything”. At this point, after several decades of listening to this crap all, I wanna do is shut it all out. Exactly how many choices do you need in life anyway and how does having penis envy and milk udders entitle you to so many more choices than a man exactly? I wish I had the choices women have now and they still want more!

What do I mean by that?

I remember growing up and watching my parents interact thinking “is that all life has to offer for me?” For my father, I thought marriage was just torture. He was the provider and protector which meant he worked full time and went to school to improve his families stars. When he got home there was always work that had to be done around the house and most of the time my mother was nagging him about not doing enough while he supported her and 4 kids. I remember one Christmas Eve in particular in which the factory he worked at had to call him in for work (he worked in the boiler room which had to be running 24/7) and if he didn’t go he probably would have been fired, as work was hard to come by in a little town in Upstate New York. My mother acted as if he had committed some crime. If he played with the kids he wasn’t spending enough time with her and if he was trying to spend time with her he wasn’t interacting with the kids enough. It was a no-win situation for him every day and I noticed this at 10 years old.

Ok, that is one lifestyle what were my other choices?

Women don’t hang around forever if you won’t commit. Guys will stick around as long as they are getting action but women won’t without that commitment. So if you don’t want to be the family slave you’re gonna spend your life with either one-night stands, weekenders or whores. Living this life will likely turn you into an alcoholic or druggie or both eventually.

As a man, these really are my only 2 life choices. A lifetime of either nagging or loneliness (I went with the nagging).

So when I hear women demanding more rights or the right to murder their own children I’m absolutely flabbergasted. Already she can be a good girl or a bad girl, a lady or easy, a good citizen or a criminal, a mother or a murderer and on top of all that be given opportunities that she quite frankly doesn’t qualify for …. while my choice is to make the most money I can to support her in whatever she decides for the moment she has a right to do or to pay for prostitutes.

Don’t even get me started on lack of accountability or reason. Women don’t have to be reasonable and are rarely ever accountable when they are not.

This is why we don’t listen to you anymore “ladies”. Because you’re full of crap. And what is worse is you have treated us like crap for way too long as we toil and you explore your inner selves. So much so that many of us are choosing the life of loneliness instead of nagging. When you decide to exercise another one of your plethora of choices we never or hardly ever see our kids again. Yeah, on the whole, you’re not very good to or for us anymore.

The bottom line is women are full of crap and most of the time when their mouths are open I want to put my hands over my ears and just scream my bloody head off.

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