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The way to win the political war is not by being political and posting a multitude of political messages.

The way to win is by being a true follower of Jesus who understands they are here to advance the kingdom of God and overcome the kingdom of darkness.

Jesus won the victory on the cross and His followers, citizens of His Kingdom, are to live under His reign and be salt and light that overcomes darkness. Jesus has given us all we need to fight the battles of the ongoing spiritual war (Ephesians 6). We just need to put on the whole armor of God and unite in faith and march onward to victory in Jesus. At present, the majority of ministers does not understand this and are occupying their followers with other things that prevent them from occupying till He comes.

Wake up and find true and mature apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers that will minister what equips you to do what is needed and to do it the way Jesus wants it done.

P. S. For those with ears to hear please realize I just lost those that are bound by certain religious teachings that say the kingdom is only for the millennium and there are no apostles and prophets in existence today. Satan has gotten into their garden and deceived them! As part of your spiritual warfare pray that they wake up because we need them!

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