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The Leftwing Democrat media is desperate for some tiny victory on which they can hang their anti-Trump shingle saying Trump is finished.  NEWSFLASH, LOSERS!  The Trump Train is rolling on!

Bigger than the 6th!

Democrats poured tens of millions of dollars into a minor congressional district in Georgia all in their efforts to create a narrative that Trump is failing.  The Trump presidency is a victory for the ages of America and his continued successes are proof that the people have awakened to the lie that is the radical leftwing socialist party that Democrats have become.  They abandoned the white working man in favor of invading illegals who come to steal jobs and Islamists who come to destroy America.

Still their lies permeate society from Islam is peace to global warming is caused by CO2.  The ignorant fanatics of both of these hateful ideologies have not turned from their cause to deconstruct America.  They are the modern incarnation of the Inquisition and Communist/Nazi parties.  Ossoff campaigned as a conservative, but his record is that of the leftist loons that he represents.  The Democrat narrative that Trump is the personification of evil is laid waste by righteous Americans who see through satanic lies.  The actions of Democrats lying, terrorizing, and corrupting is being seen by all.

Unhinged leftists back Ossof

No doubt all that money pouring in from leftists will buy lots of voter fraud.  Democrats wanted to laud this victory as a defeat of the Trump agenda MAGA.  All they can do is destroy America via liars and fools.  If they win their victory will be hollow.  Lose and it takes little wind out of their sails.  They will continue on to their next agenda – to kill Republicans.

Hunt Republicans – Why Terrorism is the go to Tactic of the Left

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