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For almost a year we have see Special Counsel investigate Trump’s campaign for supposed collusion with the Russians to win the election.  The big problem is there is no law against ‘collusion’.  There are laws against using foreign influence in American elections.  Therefore, the Founders required Natural Born Citizen for the office of the president.  One whose both parents are citizens at the time of the birth of their child.  This requirement eliminated Barrack Obama, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio from eligibility but as I stated in my last series, America Has Lost Her Constitution, this requirement was ignored by BOTH parties.

During this last year we have seen no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.  We have discovered that the DNC and the Clinton campaign did use a dossier compiled by a British spy to influence the election.  Both the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid for this dossier.  Other evidence has been brought forth concerning Russian meddling into our election. Special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigators resemble axe-wielding firefighters frantically stomping through a house and not finding so much as a lit birthday candle. Meanwhile, the home next door burns to the basement.

Team Mueller’s never-ending hunt for reds in October 2016 has found zero evidence of Russian collusion among Team Trump. In contrast, Russian collusion among Democrats has been as hard to miss as a California wildfire. And yet they still miss it.

Team Mueller did find Russian interference in the 2016 election — and how! The February 16 announcement of federal criminal indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies was a Cold War flashback. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told journalists that Russians close to the Kremlin infiltrated the last presidential campaign “to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy.”

But Rosenstein threw a bucket of wet sand onto the Left’s simmering narrative that DJT = KGB. The Russian meddling began in 2014, well before Donald J. Trump’s campaign commenced. The Russians promoted Vermont senator Bernie Sanders’s Democratic-primary bid and Green-party nominee Jill Stein’s general-election effort. After Trump won, the Russians organized pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrations, once in New York City on the same day. They also staged an anti-Trump rally in Charlotte. 1

If they are looking for ‘collusion’ then why are they ignoring blatant evidence that the DNC and Hillary campaign actually attempted to use foreign influence in the election.  I have to wonder just what Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing?  The evidence is there. For over a year, the Hillary Clinton campaign, other Democrats and liberal pundits have pummeled President Trump and his men with one main weapon: a dossier.

Written by former British spy Christopher Steele, who was paid by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which received the money from the Clinton campaign, the 35 pages of memos became the Democrats’ vehicle to promote supposed TrumpRussia collusion in the presidential election.

The irony: Virtually all of Mr. Steele’s sources are Russian, meaning Democrats have been indirectly colluding with Moscow disinformation to bash the Trump team for purportedly doing the same thing.

Since the dossier’s first memo hit town in June 2016, none of its core collusion charges has been proved. There has been no confirmation by any public pronouncement or a leak from Congress’ two intelligence committees or from special counsel Robert Mueller. 2

Obvious crimes have been committed by the DNC.  Rigging the primary in the favor of Hillary: Donna Brazile, a former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chair, has claimed that the party organisation helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign “rig” the 2016 Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. 

In a Politico op-ed, Ms Brazile alleged that Ms Clinton was controlling the finances of the party before officially winning the 2016 Democratic nomination for president. 

“This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity,” Ms Brazile said about the arrangement. 3  Hillary used her influence to garner foreign money for her campaign.  The FEC has declared that she laundered $84 million: The press continues to feed the dying Russia collusion conspiracy theory, spending Friday’s news cycle regurgitating Democrat talking points from the just-filed Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act lawsuit against the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia.

Yet the mainstream media took no notice of last week’s federal court filing that exposes an $84 million money-laundering conspiracy the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign executed during the 2016 presidential election in violation of federal campaign-finance law.

That lawsuit, filed last week in a DC district court, summarizes the DNC-Clinton conspiracy and provides detailed evidence from Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings confirming the complaint’s allegations that Democrats undertook an extensive scheme to violate federal campaign limits. 4

All of the proven allegations against the Clinton’s and their Global Initiative and other ‘foundations’, her rigging the primary, deleted emails after they were subpoenaed, they destroying of Blackberries, hard drives,  Uranium One scandal, Bill’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch, Comey writing her exoneration letter before he even questions her, not under oath, all this having physical evidence, yet her house isn’t raided at three in the morning and she hasn’t been hauled off to jail.  Where is the justice that the American people deserve?  Is it because anyone who actually holds her feet to the fire is afraid of ending up dead like so many others involved with her have?  It may be, but the American people still deserve justice.  Not social justice but real justice.  The Clintons and half the Democrat Party are some of the biggest criminals in America and never seem to be held accountable for anything.  This needs to stop and I would hope that we see an Attorney General that has the ‘brass’ to do so.  The American people deserve better than the criminal element that permeates D.C.

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” – John Jay

Foot Notes

  5. Roger Anghis, Defining America’s Exceptionalism, pp. 172, (Westbow Press, 2012)

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