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What are the UN Plans for America’s Vestigial Churches?

Perhaps no propaganda is imposed – with such far-reaching complexity and influence – as heinous UN propaganda. While New American Magazine has stayed on top of this for years – with hundreds of excellent anti-UN and pro-American articles in its archives – we must consider what this diabolically-crafted propaganda means for the future of America’s churches.

Is the UN really the earth’s hope? Will the UN really find a way to end war? The quick answer is an unequivocal “No.” Only when Christ returns at Armageddon will the criminal UN and thriving military/industrial complex come to a sudden end.

But soon, when the dust finally settles after 6,000-10,000 American churches die each year – 100-200 per week! – what will remain will be strong home cell groups, 15-40 believers in size, coming full circle to the same size of the first Christian gatherings in the Middle East.

Are these important survivors to follow the United Nations’ recommendations and guidelines for home churches?

The UN’s first meeting met under the church roof of a Methodist church building. The same United Nations gifted to Stalin held its first meeting in a Methodist church building. Yes, the same socialist Methodist church Obama’s mother attended while posing for Frank Marshall Davis.

Already in the 1930s, author Elizabeth Dilling, the Lisa Haven of her day, exposed the Methodist denomination well. Dilling revealed of the Methodist Federation for Social Service, “A radical social service organization with Socialist and Communist organizations; operates in the Methodist church and disseminates its influence through the Federal Council, YMCA and other church groups.”

Dilling continues, “The Methodist Federation for Social Service solicits funds for the Moscow-directed communist International Labor Defense in its Social Service Bulletins.” “Roosevelt-appointed Bishop F.J. McConnell, vice -president of the Red Front socialist-communist League for Industrial Democracy, is president of the Methodist Federation.”

But here’s where it gets good. Are you ready? Dilling writes, “Methodist Federation is the Spearhead for Communism in All Protestant Churches.” Not some. But ALL Protestant churches. “The Federation has grown in vision with the demands of the times and today it is the spearhead of the attack against reaction in not only the Methodist church but all Protestant churches.

And look what followed! The Church Center for the United Nations, located across from United Nations headquarters, came about after church leaders worked to build support for the Declaration of Human Rights and urged government leaders to ratify agreements that supported the Declaration. In 1960 a dark vision for a Christian center to support the work of the UN became a reality when the building was dedicated. Owned by the United Methodist Church, it houses Church Women United, the American Baptists, the Presbyterians, the World Council of Churches, the Methodist Division of World Peace, the United Church of Christ and the Office of the Anglican Observer.

Much more can be said. It is highly recommended the reader further consult Elizabeth Dillings’ excellent books, The Red Network and The Roosevelt Red Record. The important point is to understand the UN’s first meeting met under the church roof of a Methodist church building. This was not a random event. As World War II made the world safe for Communism, the UN would continue influencing Protestant churches through its agendas in the Methodist Federation.

Churches great and small participated in drafting the Preamble to the UN Charter. It declares: “We the peoples of the United Nations, determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind…. to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security….” And the churches said, “Amen.”

Many things the Methodist-Fed influenced churches hoped for were accomplished by the UN in its first fifty years.

The 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Lesbian Eleanor Roosevelt – Hillary’s role model – was chosen by the UN General Assembly to chair the 3-year long work of the commission writing the document. Many churches assisted in formulating phrases for the Declaration and actually celebrated its adoption in worship and prayer!

Eleanor Roosevelt proclaimed, “This universal Declaration of Human Rights may well become the international Magna Carta of all men everywhere. We hope its proclamation by the General Assembly will be an event comparable to the proclamation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man by the French people in 1789.”

Whoa! It was the 1789 French Revolution from which Communism emerged! And Rothschilds to this day have always funded Communism!  Today Rothschild funds George Soros!

Years after the Roosevelts, at the time of Vatican II, Pope John XXIII issued the encyclical Pacem in Terris, calling on Catholics worldwide to express their allegiance to a world political order by working to make it come about. Sixty years later, South American liberation-theology advocate Pope Francis – chosen to be pope from the Hugh Rodham/Hillary Rodham Clinton influence in Deep State Chicago, according to Dr. Stan Monteith – continues world govt. Construction.

The United Nations and the churches united in common goals for which world government was the answer. The voices of other world religions were heard as never before, as promoted by Vatican II’s hard-left Secretariat to Promote Christian Unity, which changed its focus to uniting world religions.

Indeed, world government social engineers are aware the backing of world religions is needed for a world-govt. Leader to rise to power. The Bible calls him the Antichrist. And then in Revelation 17, when the Antichrist no longer needs world-religion backing for his rise to power, now not wanting to share power with anybody, he turns on them and persecutes world religions that once supported him, and the UN and UN-supporting churches with their lofty (in the final analysis syncretistically Masonic) goals.

UN propaganda warns now and will warn the home cell groups soon: “The search for world order has been discredited by some groups who feel their privileges threatened. The propaganda is that these same groups often attack the ecumenical groups and their coalitions, the World Council of Churches and the National Council of churches. Don’t be deceived but join the UN for world government!”

Asserts UN propaganda: “The churches believe a growing world consciousness is a cause for hope. They believe that because God loves the world, all those who work for peace, justice and the integrity of creation, work with God. Those who betray these hopes, work against God.” And there you have it. As prophesied, not just Muslims but UN troops – and deceived UN-adhering religious – who attempt to kill you will think they’re doing God a favor. (John 16:2)

And here’s where the leftist Democrat John F. Kennedy was entirely and shamefully wrong, when he proclaimed, “Were we to let the UN die, to enfeeble its vigor, to cripple its powers, we would condemn our future.” Wrong! Entirely wrong. Kennedy was of the Marxist Sinatra-supporting party of socialist New Dealers FDR and Obama.

Let real history convey that America’s surviving home cell groups and non-liberal churches were not deceived by UN-imposing world government. The gates of (UN) hell shall not prevail! And if you’re currently in a UN-supporting church, do as the Bible admonishes, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins…” (Rev. 18:4 KJV)

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