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“We The People Demand It!”

Ambassador Nikki Haley recently announced a $285 million cut to the UN’s operations budget. But is this enough or just the beginning? Should President Trump not rest till he completely abolishes the sordid UN? Truly, unless the UN is completely abolished, the black UN building will be the tower to, indeed, trump Trump!  What an unfitting legacy for our beloved President!

Let’s go back to the days in 1944 and 1945 when the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy were organizing the “United Nations” scheme.  A time just prior to the UN set into place on land dominated by the Rockefellers, leaders of the elite who decided on the UN as the vehicle for Constitution-destroying globalism and world government.

The Masterminds knew that to achieve their One-World plot they’d have to obliterate our Constitution. They knew it would have to be done legally – by an Act of Congress, no less. But they also knew it could not be done openly. It would have to be accomplished in such a way that nobody, not the American people, not even Congress (as a whole), would know it was being done or how it was being done… Until it was signed, sealed and delivered!

The very amazing trick of legerdemain was a very simple one – it was to be another United Nations “agency” to be known as “The International Court of Justice.” But this “Agency,” unlike all other UN “agencies,” was to be an integral feature of the UN Charter. Now, under our Constitution a “Treaty” becomes the Law – a supreme law – of our Land.

When and if Congress would enact the Charter into a Treaty between the US and the UN, it would automatically establish the UN’s “Court of Justice” as the Law of our Land. The Masterminds would use the very Constitution they wish to destroy to accomplish its destruction. It had to be carried out with such secrecy that neither the American people nor Congress would become aware of it until after the “Treaty” was passed and signed. The UN “Charter” would have to be signed without too much scrutiny – in fact, with no scrutiny whatsoever!

The MSM press and radio of poured on a continuous stream of PEACE propaganda. Their theme song was, “Only a United Nations Organization can prevent wars in the future.” And the American people swallowed that bait hook, line and sinker! So the Senators veritably trampled each other to death in their rush to ratify the “Treaty” that made the US a member of the United Nations.

There was virtually no debate. Later, many Senators admitted they hadn’t even read the Charter. And that was an unforgivable dereliction by the men we sent to Washington to guard the safety of our nation. Because if they had just read the Charter, they quickly would have realized the UN was set up to be a trap for the destruction of the United States.

US Senator Pat McCarran admitted, “I am sure I will regret to my dying day that I ever voted for the UN Charter.” Congressman John T. Wood: “I demand that we rescind and revoke membership of the US in the UN and the specialized agencies therein.” Santor Jack B. Tenney: “Our task to abolish the United Nations is, in fact, a crusade to regain American independence. It is a sacred and hallowed cause and we march in the steps of the father of our country.” Senator Robert Taft: “We should forget the United Nations.”

Will President Trump regret to his dying day that he did not abolish the UN?

To make a long story short. The US, by order of the UN, is still very much in danger of being abolished as a free and sovereign nation! This will inevitably happen unless President Trump abolishes the UN first!

So what is the provision in the Charter that would give the UN that kind of absolute power? It is the “International Court of Justice.”   Just as the US Supreme Court is the highest court in America, so the “International Court of Justice” is the Highest Court of the looming One-World Government… Only with far greater (unlimited) power!

If President Trump does not not abolish the United Nations, American sons and daughters will continue to be taken into battle without the consent of Congress as provided in the Constitution. The UN will continue to drain the public treasury and keep its dark-money World Bank in the shadows and subordinate the US Constitution. The UN power and influence will continue to justify illegal immigration and the UN mongrelization agenda. The UN belittles nationalism, patriotism and a thrilling love of one’s own flag.  Enough is enough!

President Trump has NO CHOICE but to abolish the United Nations!

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