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After years of abuse, delivered under the watchful eye of Barack Obama, conservatives have been conditioned not to trust the FBI or the DOJ. (Not to mention the IRS, the NSA, or the EPA.)

The question now becomes, can we ever trust these agencies again? As conservatives, we are already predisposed to being skeptical of the government, but law enforcement is usually held in high regard. Sadly, under Obama, the DOJ became a political arm of the Democrat Party and conservatives lost all respect for the leadership within the Justice Department. Seeing how easily this occurred makes me believe that the FBI and the DOJ will never regain the respect they once did.

At Fox News, Congressman Devin Nunes voiced similar concerns.

Here’s what Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) had to say:

All of us want to see justice equal under the law, right? So we want to see everyone held accountable.

I believe that, if the new attorney general and the Department of Justice, if they don’t take all of this on, and do a full scrub and have full accountability and transparency for the American people, you’re going to see generations of conservatives who will not trust the Department of Justice, they will not trust the FBI, and they for sure will not trust the FISA process.

So I mentioned this in things that we have left to do earlier. And I don’t want to gloss over it, because it’s very important. The FISA laws were first written in the ’70s. They need to be completely rewritten because of what the Clinton campaign and the former people at DOJ and FBI were able to do.

That’s going to be a whole undertaking that Congress has to undertake. If that’s not done — so we need accountability by — from the attorney general and the Department of Justice for all the people that were involved in this mess. And, at the same time, Congress is going to have to rewrite the laws that allow the intelligence agencies to go after American citizens.

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