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As citizens and voters, in my humble opinion, we need to come out next week on election day and show our support for President Trump.

I am just an “average joe” with no real influence other than to make my opinion known here.

President Trump has stood up for America.

He is trying to protect our borders. He has stood up for us at the United Nations. He has pledged his support for Israel. He has stood up for the unborn. This president has kept his campaign promises. He gave us a tax cut. He has beaten back Republicans, Democrats, the liberal media, Hollywood and more. He has had to endure attacks on his character, his family, his finances.

Through it all, he has stayed the course and not backed down.

He did not abandon his supreme court pick. The Supreme Court was just one of the reasons tens of millions of Americans voted for this president. We cannot abandon him now. He has defied the odds at every turn and now he must do it once again with a tremendous conservative victory in both houses of Congress that only we the people can deliver.

Say no to a blue wave and YES to a red wave.

Hardcore Democrats will never support this president so it’s up to everyone else who is intellectually honest to look at his record and vote the Democrats out once and for all. Now is the time. Unless you want to reverse the progress that has been made you need to help the president of the United States next week.

No excuses.

You have a right and an obligation to get to the polls and vote. We all wanted a change and now we must sustain that victory. Politics as usual must be defeated.

You do not have an excuse anymore.

You either want safe borders and to preserve the American culture or you don’t. The choice is yours.

That is what’s a stake here.

What’s it going to be?

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