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Liberals the world over are wondering why Muslims hate us. And they say, there are “peaceful Muslims.” I say, there ARE no “peaceful Muslims.” Yes, there are many who have not killed people in the name of Islam—yet. But they are taught to HATE anybody who isn’t their brand of Muslim—from BIRTH. As soon as they are able to understand words, they’re taught words of HATE for anybody who isn’t their kind of Muslim. Which is why it seems to be so easy to recruit them for “Jihad.”

Their biggest strength is their ability to HIDE among other Muslims while liberal fools maintain that they are “peaceful Muslims.” All while their very RELIGION tells them to hate, to SHUN Infidels Even to KILL them. They even have a word for it: “Infidels.” Muslims have been killing Infidels for centuries, and they continue to this day and beyond. Islam is a “religion of HATE.” They teach their CHILDREN to HATE anybody who is not their kind of Muslim, and especially Christians.

They lie to them and tell them of the “Crusades.” They tell them the Crusades were an UNPROVOKED attack on Islam, when it wasn’t. It was RETALIATION for the atrocities committed by Muslims upon Christians. The theme song of the U. S. Marines mentions our VICTORY over Muslim PIRATES in Tripoli. Muslims have always been killers and robbers. They move into an area and do not “assimilate.” they keep to themselves, and form their own society, right in the middle of ours, ignoring our laws, setting up their own “Sharia Law” to govern their people. Then they try and impose their “Sharia Law” upon the people they have “invaded.” Sometimes they’re successful, other times, not.

Islam is a “rape culture.” They have used rape as a weapon for as long as they have existed. Wherever they go, the numbers of rapes increase, as is happening now in Europe, where they have been foolishly WELCOMED, with open arms. Muslim men go about the streets sexually assaulting and raping any woman they find not wearing a Muslim “hijab.” Under Muslim law., rape is “enshrined,” by the fact that a woman who cries “rape” must have FOUR male witnesses to prove it, which is an impossible requirement. Four witnesses to a rape who did not interfere, would be four RAPISTS.

Lacking that, they prosecute the WOMAN for “sex outside marriage.” Never mind it was FORCED sex. Forced by somebody bigger and stronger than she. Maybe several somebodies. Then there are the boys. Muslim laws hiding women are so strong, the nearest thing to a small woman there is, is a small boy. It is a “cultural thing” for Muslim men to have a boy chained to a bed to keep him around for forced sex. Sometimes they even make the mothers WATCH as they sodomize the boy. Muslims, who KILL homosexuals, don’t consider screwing a small boy to BE homosexuality.

Meanwhile, ANY Muslim man may beat any woman who is on the street without being accompanied by a male relative, or who shows so much as an ankle from within the “tents” (hijabs) they force them to wear. Their treatment of their women is atrocious. Why any woman in her right mind would marry a Muslim man is a mystery to me. Women born into a Muslim culture are understandable. Women not born into a Muslim culture, not so much. They are as brainwashed from birth to accept their “second rate” treatment as are all Muslims brainwashed to hate everybody who doesn’t subscribe to THEIR religion.

They are also a “religion of hate.” They are taught to hate EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do. Even other Muslims. It is said that Muslim “extremists” kill as many Muslims as they do others. And it’s true. There are several different forms of Islam, and members of one form are taught to hate members of another. And when Muslims hate you, they want to KILL you. If you live near a Muslim enclave, it’s wise to stay out of it, and don’t even MILDLY insult one of them. Don’t even LOOK at one “wrong.” If they don’t kill you, they’ll find some halfway plausible way to sue you and ruin you. And there are way too many corrupt liberal judges willing to give them huge awards that amount to “cruel and unusual punishment.”

In several cases, Muslims went out and searched for a bakery run by a Christian and demanded they bake a cake with a Muslim label on it. When they predictably refused on religious grounds, they sued. And a damned fool judge gave the Muslims a six figure “award,” which put them out of business. They got that idea from militant gays, who do the same thing (Or is it the other way around?). All in all, the very way Muslims THINK is an anathema to Christian Americans. To exclude them is called “racism,” even though it’s NOT. Muslim is a CULT. It’s not a “religion, OR a race. Any “religion” that recommends KILLING is not a religion.


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