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Obama has won. He didn’t want that abortion called Obamacare any more than we did. It was DESIGNED to fail, while gullible Americans clamor for a “single payer system.”

And that’s what we have, in the long run. My question is, why make getting rid of Obamacare such a big thing? It’s simple: just pass a bill that says, “The law known as ‘The Affordable Health Care Plan,’ and everything that goes with it is repealed.” Then present a REASONABLE bill to replace it, if a replacement is really necessary.

Such a bill should NOT include all the mandatory (one size fits all) requirements that the Obamacare law did, that made it completely UN-affordable and unworkable. Get rid of the “state-wide organizations (bureaucracies) that “administer” it. The requirement that EVERYBODY get pregnancy coverage whether they need it or not, and the one requiring pregnancy leave be covered, free, to MEN. The absolutely STUPIDEST provision in Obamacare is the one requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions. That takes it out of the realm of insurance and puts it into the realm of WELFARE. That SINGLE provision makes it unaffordable, as it is a “recipe for bankruptcy” for insurance companies.

There are many such silly things in that abortion, and they are there to make it unaffordable, specifically so it could be replaced by a single-payer system in the long run. Trump’s bill has failed, just as Obama planned, ultimately leading Trump to get a single-payer system passed, eventually. They keep telling us that MILLIONS will end up with no health care insurance, and they’re right—to a certain extent. They will be without for a time, when they do not BUY health care insurance, as their preference. Most of them are only on his program because they were FORCED, at the point of a gun, to buy it. If you don’t believe that gun part, just TRY and NOT buy it, and refuse to pay the “fine” (tax). See how fast the guns come out. That’s the threat that’s always behind “mandatory” government provisions.

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