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Former Independent Counsel, and veteran investigator, Sol Wisenberg, had some very interesting insight on what was taking place surrounding Attorney General Bill Barr in recent days.

Wisenberg argued that the reason it seemed that the Democrats had gone all-in on destroying Attorney General Barr was that Barr is effective and full of integrity. Democrats just can’t have that.

They NEED Barr to either be incompetent, immoral or both… but he’s neither.

And because he’s neither incompetent or immoral – they have to destroy him because they know that he’ll get to the truth, and that would destroy their arguments against the Trump administration.

Well, it’s more than that. They’re stuck on that hill because he is legitimate, he is effective, he has a tremendous amount of gravitas, and he is a member of President Trump’s cabinet. So they must destroy him. He’s effective, he’s a man of the law, he’s trying to restore integrity to the DOJ and be a proper and effective and loyal Attorney General, and they can’t have that.

He must be destroyed. Anyone who is not completely on their team must be destroyed. I said this the other night about Rod Rosenstein. When thought Rod Rosenstein was protecting Mueller, he was their golden boy. Now that they see he’s just really an honest arbiter or trying to be and they see him as aligned with Barr, now he must be destroyed too.

And so they leak an article about him saying I can land the plane. That’s what it’s all about, destroying anyone who is not with them.

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