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This country is a Christian country.  And Christmas is good for our economy.

“Black Friday”  is so named b/c it represents the start of the Christmas season; which enables stores, which have been running in the red all year, to finally move into the “black” and make money.  The stock market rose over 1000 points after Christmas, despite the Fed Chairman’s best efforts to tank the market by raising interest rates 4 times in one year, when he had not raised interest rates at all in 8 Obama years.

During Christmas, we have had the best sales season ever.  This is because we Christians feel our President will protect us from persecution.  And we are glad to share our riches with our families and also with those who are needy. Those stupid corporations like Pacific Life and Dicks should take note.

When I was a kid in Sri Lanka, nearly 85% were Sinhalese Buddhists, 6-8% were Tamil Hindus, about 5% were Christian and Muslims comprised the rest.  We celebrated everyone’s holidays.  We looked forward to Ramadan and being invited to the great feasts prepared by our Muslim friends.  We celebrated Divali and their wonderful lights with our Hindu friends.  We loved going around to see pandals depicting Buddhist scripture and the incredible handmade paper lanterns swaying in the breezes.  And everyone loved and celebrated Christmas – lights, gifts, fireworks!  They celebrate Christmas even today, with all those of every religious and ethnic background making trips “home” around Christmas.

So why do we tolerate those grinches who claim to be “offended” when others celebrate Christmas in America? Why do we have to listen to a bunch of leftist newspeople with no religion lecture us on how to be Christian?  What is this nonsense that Christians cannot celebrate b/c of an alleged “caging of little children” by Trump? Demanding our crosses be taken down and putting baby Jesus in a cage?   Do we demand that Jews can never celebrate b/c their one of their leading funders is a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis?  Do we demand Muslims not celebrate b/c oahe large number of attacks around the world by Islamic Jihadis?

It is actually a part of the politics of envy and division practiced by the left – If they are not included, then they are going to stop everyone else from celebrating.  It is evil, selfish and destructive.  And must stop now.

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