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Larry Arn, the President of Hillsdale College, recently delivered an important message to his students and to the rest of America about why we should be thankful this Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving, if it weren’t for the importance of Christmas, would be my favorite holiday. It’s wonderful, and for deep reasons in my opinion.

Thanksgiving comes in the autumn, and it comes when the harvest is in. The thing that you harvest, grows of its own accord, and you can’t make that happen. And so there was this movement that the nation should be grateful and atone at the end of each harvest each productive year. You have to remember, until the middle of the 20th century, most everybody was a farmer, and so those things that I just said were in the bones of everybody.

So the nation should be grateful. Isn’t that lovely?

Freedom is a blessing. Learning is a blessing. Constitutional government is a blessing. We should be apologetic, we should be regretful when we fail to count those blessings and live up to them, and we should say so to God, and we should thank him for the existence of those blessings and our chance to pursue them.

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