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Every member of Congress knows that Communist China manufactures the bulk of the EPA’s superior brand of “certified” energy efficiency products, but can anyone identify which members of Congress actually bought into the delusional myth that America’s Industrial Sector has erected Barriers to the use of EPA energy efficiency that has been enriching members of the Prosperity Partnership?

If you’re unfamiliar with this Dept of Energy report, it probably wasn’t because it had been classified as Top Secret, then archived at the secured records vault set up in Joe Biden’s garage. There was no need to hide that bogus report because the political establishment knew they could count on groups like the Trusted News Initiative and their ‘industry partners’ to keep it secret from the public. Not even the Village Idiot would believe that American engineers and industrial facility managers would have rejected the application of actual electrical energy efficiency technologies, but U.N. diplomats would without hesitation if it advanced their Paris Climate Deal.
Voters were not informed about the Prosperity Partnership until nearly two years later when a weekly Seattle newspaper produced a parody piece on the Limousine Liberals pretending to be savvy financial investors seeking considerable profits in the Clean Energy Economy of the NWO. Unfortunately, voters were never informed about the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact.
The reason you’re not familiar with the Barriers To Industrial Energy Efficiency report has everything to do with the Prosperity Partnership and the Regional Economic Agenda that was formed in 2004 during one of the most contested elections in U.S. history. Washington’s Attorney General Christine Gregoire was declared governor by a Superior Court, making the former A.G. the defacto leader of the Prosperity Partnership that had been created by Governor Gary Locke, which was announced to a select crowd of 1,100 political insiders at Qwest Stadium on Nov. 19, 2004.
Corporate media outlets had to suppress all news about Governor Locke’s new Regional Agenda to hide the fact that AG Gregoire had to have known that Gary Locke had secretly joined the totally corrupt West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact in 2003.


The liars Club had to protect their favorite crime-fighter, that wouldn’t have been able to explain away the appearance of conflicts of interest issues related to the latest backroom scam crafted by the Enron Earth Day crowd, which was responsible for driving up electricity rates in West Coast states by 50% with phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” during the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. The West Coast Pact was signed by the disgraced California Governor Gray Davis only two weeks before he was removed from office by a Recall, in which three Democrat Governors declared the U.S. Senate had undermined the economic interest of their Globalist partners by rejecting the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocols.

Both of Governor Locke’s shady business ventures had to be completely censored by the media because the new Gregoire regime was already pushing the “U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Initiative” that had convinced 1,065 cities to meet their commitments to the Kyoto Protocols that had been rejected by the U.S. Senate. The plan devised by Seattle Mayor Greg Nichels in 2005 resulted in an epic failure when 1,064 of the other cities acknowledged missing their GHG emission reduction goals. Only Seattle claimed success, which earned Mayor Nichels the 2006 Climate Protection Award of the EPA.
The following year the Dept of Energy implemented the Save Energy Now program. This $100 billion boondoggle had universities conducting “industrial assessments” of industrial facilities to increase productivity and profits for certain Partners. The program would only conduct 200 of the so-called “industrial assessments.” Hence, competition for that federal funding had to be limited to the true believers in EPA’s cost-effective solutions.

When presidential candidate Barack Obama claimed, “under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” the media failed to disclose that bureaucrats would be the prime beneficiaries of Obama’s EPA: Lead By Example guidelines released in 2009. That corrupt document directed bureaucrats to claim that EPA products saved 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products, giving bureaucrats a substantial financial incentive to help drive electric rates higher. This is the exact opposite of seeking to reduce electrical consumption through the use of advanced electrical energy efficiency technologies in the Industrial Sector, which the Dept of Energy once claimed was the most cost-effective means for reducing large volumes of GHG emissions from being released into the atmosphere. So the next time you hear a Fake News reporter repeating the “Silence Is Violence” narrative, you might ask them to explain why their industry embraces “Silence Is Golden” as a business practice?

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