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If you take a good long look at the contenders running for the Democrat primaries what you are going to find is an entire field that is every bit as bad as Hillary Clinton was as a candidate. They really don’t have anyone who can come close to beating President Trump and surely the DNC is painfully aware of this.

Joe Biden is currently the Democrat front runner. Over and over again Biden has been captured in photographs and on video taking advantage of women and children. If he isn’t inappropriately touching a woman or a child he opens his mouth which time and time again has proven to be a disaster for him like firing shotguns from your front porch. This clown has a long record of saying stupid things and those stupid things Trump will rake him over to coals over.

Pocahontas is running too. That is so laughable it is hardly worth mentioning. There is also a blonde bimbo and a gold digger running. Good luck with those two Dems because both of those candidates are just fodder for Trump’s big guns which, if things go any better for the President by 2020 will be really big guns. Don’t forget the Irishman who can barely stay on a skateboard and likes to pretend he’s Hispanic. He couldn’t even beat Lyin Ted.

What the Democrats want is a female minority contender for the 2020 race. More importantly, what they need is someone who doesn’t have as much political garbage as Clinton or any of the other candidates. They need what they had in 2008 namely a dark horse that comes out of nowhere to wow the bleeding hearts and bimbos of America. It seems pretty clear who that will be.

<insert drum roll here>

Democrats do have someone waiting on the sidelines. That someone is Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama doesn’t have a political career to be besmirched. She gives speeches almost as good as her husband and she is not easily riled. Yes, she said she wouldn’t run but lots of people say they would never run and still run. If she waits until the last moment to announce her candidacy amongst a field of horrible candidates that momentum will get her all the way to the nomination. Most of those candidates would likely drop out of the primaries immediately too.

Who would vote for Michelle? Blacks most certainly. Count women in too. Most women know diddly squat about politics or running a government but most women think it is time a woman becomes president no matter how badly that woman might perform. Women take up more than half the country and frankly most of them are complete bimbos. The majority of minority voters across the board would vote for Michelle Obama regardless of how many jobs Trump produces for them.

While your wife, girlfriend or daughter might smile at you and say they support Trump but once they get into the voting booth it is a whole different story. You’ll never know whether that woman in your bed is a traitor to your belief system or not and given the nature of women, in general, the odds are pretty good that while you go to the polling station thinking she will vote for Trump she’ll be pulling the MO lever. Obama is the Dems best chance of retaking the White House and everyone knows it.

Think I’m crazy? We’ll see. I’m pretty confident in this prediction unless the crazy left will be happy with just handing Trump another term. That would my friends would be even crazier.

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