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It is troubling to see sinners hiding behind their Christianity to excuse their behavior. God has given us this Republic and has put before us in this election three choices as a test. We can #1. vote for Clinton, #2. vote for Trump, or #3. be disobedient to God and not vote at all, disbelieving God is not in control and we know better. Voting for someone else or writing in someone is disingenuous and is the same as #3. These are the only three choices.

God is not going to condemn us for any of our choices. We would not have been too happy with King Saul or King David either, but like the Hebrews, we have to face the reality of our situation. Elections are like deciding whether we want to drive to Las Vegas or to San Francisco. Going to either place can put you into a lot of sin, but you are on the I-5, which way are you going to go?

The road ahead is not 400 miles long, it is 4 years of living, not only with our choices but with the choice of those around us. It is not a moral choice. Jesus is not running, and he would be and is the only moral choice. There is not a right or wrong, just consequences. Some would like to tell us that if we vote for #1 or #2, that we are hypocrites and are not loyal to our Christian calling. We get caught up in the sinful behavior of politicians, but did we expect anything else?

Our Christianity is not tied to this election, our choices do not dilute our message, and our ability to proclaim the goodness , grace, and hope of the love of Christ is not weakened. Our witness comes from Christ and is not weakened by our lack of ability or our inevitable sinful behavior.

Life is full of choices, some are completely amoral – Should we choose the blue car or the white car? Some choices have moral consequences – Are we going to continue to indiscriminately kill babies? Some choices are confusing – How are we going to decide which immigrants we are going to allow in the country?

#1, #2, or #3. I have made up my mind, you need to make up yours. Don’t try to justify your choice on morals, just on consequences. After all is said and done, we will still be sinners in the need of a savior.

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