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Back in the days when our school-marms and teachers were teaching civics, they left certain important elements out, such as learning the mistakes recorded in history that should never be repeated.  Alas, even during the times I was in school this was never taught.  Today, it has gotten worse.

These things I am talking about is not slavery, or things of that matter, but, the indices of politics and politicians.  We are witnessing today what was witnessed at the little schoolhouse in the earlier 1800s, when Abraham Lincoln emerged as the leader of the new “Republican Party”.

In simple terms, this Republican Party was inclusive of the people of the United States.  It included ALL groups of people then, as it should now.  The dissidents then were the Whig Party.  This Party was the party of big business, oil, donors and corporate welfare.  Although, corporate welfare was not a term used then, it certainly was a player in politics, as it is a player today.  The Whig Party excluded the typical American for money and power.

History learned in school did not fill in the blanks and we are seeing, today, some of the blanks being filled in.  The words that are being entered into these blanks were probably seen by Abraham Lincoln, plus others of that time period and are being reflected today.  The statements being said by the Whigs are the same statements being said by the Republicans today.

The Republican Party, in whom they claim to be the “Party of Lincoln”, have slowly regressed to being the Whig Party.  The Party of Lincoln, considering, is gone.  The “All for one and one for all”, (the Big Tent of Reagan) has left the American people behind to pursue those interests of donors, lobbyists, corporate welfare and a host of other Whig policies.

What we are seeing today is a rise in a new stance in Republican politics and politics in general.  It has sparked a new meaning in which the American people are allowed to say again what should have been said years ago, but has been stifled by the Republican Party of today.

This new stance has been marked at the ballot box.  The one name that has come out on top at most ballot boxes was Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is saying what the American people has been saying for years, but afraid of governmental repercussions.  Donald Trump poses a threat to the status quo.  This status quo is nothing more than the dynasties of the Bush and the Clintons.  The dynasty of the Clintons, more so, than the Bush dynasty, has much to lose.

This election will be another turning point in American politics.  Trump, if he becomes the president, will mark a turning point, whereas, the other turning points, was Lincoln when he included all Americans.  Another was Ronald Reagan when he succeeded in breaking up the Soviet Union.  The importance of this turning point today, is that the Republican Party is losing their grip on the American people.  The elites of the Republican Party have tried everything they could to defeat Donald Trump and the American electorate would have none of it.

As of late, a federal lawsuit has been filed by a sore loser, a Virginia Cruz delegate to release the bound delegates to Trump to vote for whomever they want.  As in my home State of Washington, all of the bound delegates are Cruz supporters.  If this lawsuit is successful in releasing all of Trump’s delegates and another person is nominated, the sore losers will have destroyed the Republican Party.  A form that is being passed around the internet by, “Save Our Party”, has Glenn Beck’s fingerprints all over it.

This destruction will lead to a 5-way race.  Hillary Clinton; Gary Johnson; Jill Stein; Donald Trump and the “new” GOP Nominee (probably Cruz).  Trump, may as well be prepared to run as a write-in candidate.  When the dust settles and the smoke clears, Hillary will be president.  This is what the elite Republicans want and this is what they will get.

Upon the return about history, schools never teach the mistakes that historians have recorded.  To go back and study the history that was never taught, will be much too late.  The today’s Whig Party is repeating the original Whig Party and what the American people will be left with is a country that has no purpose.  We will have a single party rule, though, the Democrats and Republicans does exist, their ties have been getting closer together.  The laws created by one party, benefits the other party and the American people will suffer under the laws made for the elites.

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