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Leftwing media activists are out in public saying that Democrats are becoming hateful because they are responding to Republican hate.  Republicans are saying they are becoming hateful because they are responding to Democrat hate.  So how does the objective observer know which side is telling the truth?

President Trump has referred to the leftwing media as the “enemy of the people.”  Leftwing journalists believe they are justified in how they speak of Trump based on their beliefs that he is a racist hater.  So, are they telling the truth about Trump and protecting the people?  Or are they slandering Trump to mislead the people with propaganda?

Sarah Sanders blasts media promoting hate, they say Trump is the hater

For a third party to tell which of an arguing couple is right and which is wrong requires more than an observation of one event.  The moral person will examine the history of the two and the veracity of their argument before reaching a conclusion.  The amoral person won’t care and will say both are right and both are wrong without examining the facts.  The immoral person will conclude that whoever they like better is right even if they are wrong.  The one thing the pathological liar counts on is that the third party can be confused by their lies.  Only the righteous person will look beyond the façade they present to get to the truth.  This is why you never let another person tell you what to think about someone else.

The pretense being created in the media is that they objectively report the truth when they are actually the pathological liars concealing the truth.  Journalism is supposed to be objective, but when you examine the facts behind the reports you will find that they are anything but.  There is objective journalism, editorializing, Yellow Journalism, and outright propaganda being pushed in media today.  Objective journalism is reporting an event without bias.  Editorials are where opinions of events are expressed.  Yellow Journalism is sensationalizing events with bias.  And propaganda is telling lies in an attempt to dupe the unwitting.  The only way to overcome the bias is to learn the facts from the source and apply morality to them in order to determine who is telling the truth in media.

So, let’s examine some facts.  Who is doing what in either party that is a display of hatred?  There have been events where Trump supporters have violently attacked people protesting them.  There have been events where Trump supporters have been violently attacked by the people protesting them.  This isn’t a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg, as there is a very visible, knowable chain of events that led to the violence people see when it happens.  Only the oblivious who remain ignorant make judgements on a single event.


Which came first?  Donald Trump was never called a racist but was hailed as just the opposite for his first seventy years of his life.  Not until he announced he was running for president as a Republican did the accusations of racism come out.  Democrats, the party of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crowe laws, are now slandering Republicans as the nation’s racists.  Why are they doing this and how are they getting away with it?  They are doing it to conceal their own true nature so as to smear Republicans as being what they themselves are in order to dupe the people into electing them into power.  They are doing it successfully because Republicans have been so slandered by the leftwing media for so long that they are suffering from PTSD and afraid to go against their lies.  They know if they protest the media that the leftists will slander them mercilessly and if they can’t smear them with twisted facts then they’ll make them up.

For example, Democrats condemn Trump for telling his supporters to punch protesters in the face.  Which happened first, Trump supporters punching protesters, or leftist protesters attacking Trump supporters?  Answer; it was Trump haters who first crossed streets to wade into a crowd of Trump supporters and punched people in the face.  They justified their attacks claiming that Trump supporters are racists.  How many more crimes have Democrats committed?

  • Which party accused all police of making racist attacks against blacks?
  • Which party rioted in the streets and conducts assassinations of police?
  • Which party sent Antifa thugs to conduct riots to shut down free speech?
  • Which party demonized ICE as a terrorist organization?
  • Which party created the KKK?
  • Which party supports slavery?
  • Which party promotes socialism?
  • Which party has members of Congress telling them to attack the other?
  • Which party has members spitting in food or keying the cars of the other?
  • Which party justifies their attacks by claiming they are objecting to racism?

Answers: They are all Democrats.

Only Democrat congressmen are advocating violence.  They are in the streets calling for Democrats to attack Republicans in any way they can, from protests, to screaming at them in public, to spitting in their food, to assaulting them, all the way up to murder.  The leftwing media is hailing these people as heroes as their followers assassinate police, set fire to buildings, and beat innocent people in the streets.  These are not the actions of heroes but the actions of thugs.  Leftist ideology is not about making the nation better, it’s about making the nation submit to slavery.  How do you recognize a leftist?

Here is your first clue;

Leftist’s ideology is to create a problem, blame others for it, and then play the victim.  Leftism is founded in the ego of hubris that desires to bring down others because they cannot better themselves.  Liberal hate is founded in irrational beliefs, in lies such as, “Republican are racists.”  How is Abraham Lincoln and his followers and their descendants of the Republican Party racist?  Conservatives do not hate, but welcome anyone to the Republican party who is for liberty, law, and justice.  Only through the colossal ignorance of liberalism can Democrats be convinced that the good ol’ boys of the South, the racist rednecks who oppressed blacks for a hundred years saying, “The South will rise again,” would join the party of Lincoln.

Republicans being violent are only responding to physical attacks by liberals.  They are acting in self-defense against the left’s irrational hate.  Righteous wrath, which is not the same thing as hate, is what guides their hearts to seek justice, not revenge that liberals seek for losing the election.  Liberals lack the moral compass to discern the difference between murder and killing in self-defense.  In their assaults they think if someone punches them back then they are the ones being unjustly assaulted.

This is the myopic, two-faced condition of the leftist mind.  They believe themselves to be righteous and therefore justified in their use of force for what they believe to be good.  But without a moral compass they know only what they perceive as good and bad without knowing right from wrong.  For leftists to spew their hate on the righteous and then blame the righteous as the haters is how their dysfunctional thinking justifies their violent actions.  It is how leftists have always justified their ideology from their oppressions, to wars of conquest, and even to genocides.

Morality in humanity

Education and unity in America

The single most important lesson to learn in life is that people lie for a variety of reasons.  We all learn to tell white lies to spare the feelings of others.  (i.e. When your wife asks you if this dress makes her look fat, you always say “no,” and never say, “no, honey, it’s your big ass that makes you look fat – because you are!”)  We all learn to hide the truth.  (i.e. No one has a right to know your private business, unless you think they have a right to know how you masturbate.)  But only a few practice black lies (such as those who think this is racist when it applies to words and not the color of anyone’s skin – only racists see this as racist).  The basic fact is that everyone is born a liberal and only learn to be conservative through moral education and learning how the world works in right and wrong.  Learning to be a liar deceiving others is the foundations of leftism.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

The next most important lesson to learn in life is that you never let other people tell you what to think.  I’m sure all of you have had someone tell you a particular teacher is great or terrible, or a certain person is kindly or hateful, and you took their course or met that person only to discover the opposite.  This is a lesson that should carry over to watching the news.  Don’t let the media tell you what someone says or what they mean or what to think about them.  Listen to what the person actually says and watch what they actually do and judge for yourself.  Then listen to the news to find which ones tell you the truth and which try to twist your thinking.  That’s the reason so many Americans have turned off CNN and turned on FOX News.

America today is a house divided against itself.  Half the country is for America and Constitutional law, and the other half wants to have the Constitution and law abolished and allow foreigners to invade and take over.  Those who love America love liberty and expect the government to protect them from criminals and foreign invaders.  Those who hate America want socialism imposed to steal from those who work for a living, and they are importing America haters to assist them in overthrowing the Constitution.  President Trump has exposed Democrats as the party of the leftist America haters they have always been but have succeeded in concealing their true nature – until now.  Now they are openly attacking righteous American citizens calling them names, smearing and slandering them, and attempting to enslave them to their ideology by hook or by crook.

People can disagree on how to best make this nation work and do so civilly if they both have as their intentions to make America better.  But those who want to unmake America to force others to submit to their ideology of greed and envy will not stand with them.  The Anthem and Pledge are what unite us, and it is Democrats who are scorning them to divide us.  They burn the flag, kneel against the Anthem, and spit on the Pledge because they are not Americans.  Democrats say anyone born in the American continents is an American.  But no one in the world, even South and Central Americans and Canadians, calls anyone other than citizens of the United States Americans.  Brazil even calls itself the United States of America but doesn’t refer to itself as the USA or their citizens as Americans, but as Brazilians.

The Left twists the language to confuse and warp the morals of the people to corrupt the culture.  They promote the ideology that is as opposite Americanism as it can get.  Only Democrats wanted the president to be a king at the founding so that they could hold power as a birthright.  Only as a republic does America continue to thwart them from seizing power.  Democracies always devolve into anarchy and socialist tyranny because the people who do not pay taxes are easily corrupted.  If America is to survive then Democrats must be removed from power so completely that the laws can be changed to stop America haters, parasites, and foreigners from voting, and so laws can be enforced rather than broken as they are by Democrats.

Which party of haters came first?  If you can’t figure out that leftists are at the root of hate, then you are one of those who lacks a moral compass.  He who does not learn morality, like he who does not learn a trade, learns to be a thief and a liar.  Leftist Democrats have always demonized the righteous in their efforts to dupe the people into giving them power.  Their lies that Republicans are racists who work only for the rich are nullified when one knows it is Republicans who fought and bled to free the slaves, broke up monopolies, and fight to keep taxes low.  The lie that Democrats are for the poor working man, when it is Democrats who fought to keep their slaves, promoted gangsters to head unions, encourage criminals to kill law enforcers, and sponsor foreigners to invade and conquer America, all so they can have power to take America’s wealth as all socialist dictators do is exposed when one learns from history rather than repeats it.  The Right is the ideology of liberty and the Left is the ideology of tyranny that only an ignorant fool will follow.

“A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.” – Ecclesiastes 10:2

The mere fact that it is Trump supporters, not Democrats, who are afraid to wear their MAGA hats in public for fear of being attacked tells you all you need to know about which is the party of violent haters.  Democrats say it is Trump who is “making America hate again.”  That is true.  Democrats are hating everything for which righteous Christian conservatives stand.

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

[Author’s Note: Charity.  America is beset by thieves, charlatans, and frauds.  Jesus calls on us to be charitable, but not to be gullible.  Thieves will con the righteous to give them money.  These leftists believe they are giving the righteous “the opportunity to do good” and thus justifying their frauds.  This is leftist thinking that doing wrong can enable others to do good when what both are doing is not right, but wrong.  Giving money to a beggar who uses that money to destroy himself with drugs is never right.  Giving money to a cause that makes you feel good about yourself is wrong if you give to an undercover terrorist organization masquerading as a charity and your money is used to kill people.  Being ignorant does not absolve you of the sin.  That’s why it’s important to be on the right against the left and never sit in the middle.  “The only thing in the middle of the road is roadkill.”  The Right is right, and the Left is never right but always wrong, and being half wrong or half right is also never right.  Only leftist math can conclude that being half wrong is right.  Leftists twist and warp what is good, but they do not join with it except to undermine it from within.  They cannot do so against a strong leader who will thwart their machinations by exposing them for what they are.  President Trump is proving to be that great a leader, which is why the left has become so deranged in their maniacal efforts to slander him in the eyes of the people.]

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