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In response to Amanda Mull’s Atlantic Magazine piece, “A Far-Fetched Online Fund Raiser…” about the Trump Wall “Fund Me” Internet page in The Atlantic, knocking President Trump, we believe that effort is much less ridiculous than Dr. Blasey-Ford’s “Fund Me” to pay the Slip and Fall, llp, law firm for their coaching work.

While most American people may not have the Ivy League Ph.D.s it takes to impress the bureaus of DC, who really ran America into the ground in lust for power, they feel anger when more Spanish-speaking people come to suck up welfare, Medicaid, schools with two free meals a day and now told to serve their ethnic food and crashing our elections for more free stuff. What happens when we have cannibals coming to America? Do we then sacrifice Republicans?

Illegal immigrants have reduced California to 50th from 1st place in personal wealth making it the poorest state, per capita, in America, bring in illegal drugs now killing 60,000 of our citizens a year and liberals say “Diversity is our strength” when illegal immigration is clearly killing us?

Meanwhile, the sloganeers of DC intelligentsia cite people like Albert Einstein while omitting George Soros who makes his money shorting the Dollar, doing harm to it while funding ANTIFA, the strong-arm of the “Democratic Party,” which is neither democratic or a party, but a crime family likely led by the Clintons and cronies.

The Democrats have not been this well-armed since the 1924 convention for the nomination of their Presidential candidate when a cordon of elected Democrats came to Congress in Ku Klux Klan regalia. They have not been this mad since the Republicans took all their slaves away in 1865.

Einstein only got in thanks to great efforts of a few wealthy Jews who a few elected “black” people say they “hate.” Add sympathetic Christian friends who were terrified of what was happening in Europe, the place we “cowboys” are yet supposed to look up to!

Every calamity but the American Indian wars that have happened in western culture has happened in Europe for the last 700 years and a new one is well underway today as Muslim men rape their women in the streets! And, Europeans have to apologize for their “racism” when that is not the issue!

Bill Clinton has the busted voice of an Absinthe drinking “Godfather” who did not have to study Marlon Brando to do evil. He is evil, out-of-the-box and his “Bonny” is Hillary without the cute bola or 38 Special. She does not need either. She used an illegal server, the new “slave” to commit treason.

Hillary and President Obama sold 20% of our uranium reserve to Russia in what can only be called, “an act of treason” as Russia already had eight percent to our one percent. Their taking one-fifth of ours was an act of war as they obviously seek to cripple us.

Uranium is the key to future world dominance for global warming believers as it will replace all other resources, being safe, simple and secure while able to produce virtually unlimited power. Solar and wind clearly cannot as solar only works six hours a day if there are no clouds, so it is useless in Europe most of the time.

Wind power is even worse. 80% of all wind turbines built are now still for a long list of reasons from lack of maintenance as they are in locations very difficult to get to, kill migratory birds six bureaus protect, make too much mind-numbing low-frequency noise that causes diarrhea for several miles. You cannot hang around one unless you are wearing a diaper and have plenty of changes.

China seeks world dominance and they have a clear path to it by taking Australia which is smack in the Sea of China. Australia has 29% of the world’s uranium reserve and recently disarmed its’ people and the murder/suicide rate has risen. Not much, but not down as promised. Another liberal lie dashed on the rocks of reality!

China is building two twin-hulled giant aircraft carriers, each of which is capable of carrying a full division of 12,000 soldiers, battle ready and two of these, given the disarmed Australian people should be able to conquer Australia in a week and probably less given their wimpy, socialist government.

Meanwhile, the Editorial Board of the August “Atlantic” is sucking thumbs and switching on command from who knows where, but it certainly is not a smart-feller.


David Remnick is the Editor-in-Chief of Atlantic and we have noticed whenever we see him on TV Katerina Vanden Heuvel, Editor-in-Chief of The Nation is nowhere to be seen on any national broadcast TV. Their politics are identical, word-for-word.

When Katrina makes an appearance David is never seen anywhere on television. Their strong physical resemblance brings to mind the question, “Are they one in the same person?” We do not know, but the physical resemblance is quite remarkable and when combined with their political thinking we have to ask the question, “Which is what?”

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