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Is it over? I can’t tell. No charges for the President and his family and yet, several of the stories I’ve read and seen from the “legacy media” seem to indicate otherwise. After more than 2 years and our 25 million dollars which could have been used to pick up poop and drug needles in San Francisco and L.A., the media spins it like it is just the beginning. Crap sells apparently.

We all knew they had nothing when Nancy Pelosi stated several days ago that trying to impeach the President wasn’t worth it. Clearly, all the main players in the DNC had been given a heads up several days in advance to prepare more witch hunts. The cable news anchors seemed genuinely surprised but then again they are just actors aren’t they. I’m pretty sure that the last cable news anchor to find themselves in a danger zone was Brian Williams (cough).

Perhaps the next time employees (actors) from the cable news outlets try to tell the American people that they are just reporting or that they are fair and even patriotic people will remember how they reacted after the President and his family were exonerated by one of the most thorough investigations since the Manson murders.

The photo above is a screenshot from Yahoo.coms news page taken at around 3:30 pm est. Notice anything suspicious? There is nothing about the AG’s summary letter in a headline. There should have been some title supporting America’s president wouldn’t you think? Take this one from The Gateway Pundit taken at roughly the same time, “FULL LETTER: AG Bill Barr Releases Letter Summarizing Mueller’s Report: “Special Counsel DID NOT FIND Trump Campaign Conspired with Russia“.  This is the President of the United States of America, not Bill Cosby. What happened to patriotism from the MSM in this country?

I checked Yahoo again literally 1/2 hour later and the machine gun attacks on the president had resumed

Instead of the press being happy for the President and the country they have acted like babies who’ve lost their Binky. And literally a half hour after the silences came … cheers? Maybe a sigh of relief? You probably know better by now.

Where was the journalism? Where was the fair and balanced? Where was a press corp that supported America and the American people? Where is the integrity? Where’s the beef?

“Legacy media” has lost all credibility in America. We might as well watch reruns of the Morton Downey Jr. Show and call it news.

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