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I am adamantly angry at our Congress for allowing the two female reps. from the Midland, and others in the Legislative body, to use their position to degrade our values, insult our principals, and generally spew anti-American rhetoric. We are allowing them to smear our Veterans, and mock those that have given all to maintain our way of life. The cowards who turn their heads to the onslaught of Anti-American rhetoric hide behind “freedom of speech” to cover their cowardice.

We did not vote anyone into Congress for this type of treasonous action. They have all been put there to represent you and I, the loyal voting citizens of this wonderful Republic. This behavior is blasphemous and very unacceptable! I further cannot understand why or how the patriotic members of the Legislature allow this behavior and sit by idly.

Is there not one single “set” in D.C. that has the gumption to stand up and fight? Are you so cowardice that you sit quietly on the “Hill” and allow this to occur?  It appears to me that your cowardice example is falling on the Millennial generation; or is it the other way around?

You, those in Government, have wrapped yourselves so tight in Bureaucratic red tape, that you are unable to move. You obviously do not know which way to turn, or how to go about the process of saving our Country. You rely on committees and TV appearances to get your point public. It is time for you to rely on yourself. Do what you know is right. Fight for your Country.

We put you there to preserve our principals and defend our Constitution. And yet you are allowing others to tear our Flag apart, re-frame our Constitution, and change our Country to suit themselves!

What do they know about us? Why do they come here if they do not want or like our ways? The answer is simple. Our section of this Northern Continent is rich in resources and has desirable harbors and coastline for shipping. This is a very rich area, and they want to control it for themselves.

They care not about the Liberties and Freedoms that our Government has given us. They care not about the poor and middle-income classes that work to keep the Republic going. They are only entrenched in their desire for power and wealth!

We must adamantly and seriously tell our Representatives, those we have hired through our vote, to do whatever is necessary to rid our land of these invaders!

We do not need them! We do not want them! God has given us the ways and means to a good life. Embrace it! Defend it! Follow the example of our Founders and those that have given all to maintain this Republic!

God has given us the strength, the will, and the “might” to defend our Constitution. God has blessed America!

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