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Supposedly Harvey Weinstein is at a sex addiction rehabilitation center in Europe. This is presumably in a non-extradition country with a beautiful countryside and mountain ranges, such as Switzerland, France or Austria. Harvey will commune with nature and butterflies while practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga in order to find himself.

Do you really believe for a moment that Harvey Weinstein is going quietly?

Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman (don’t you love Hollywood marriages where a man’s wife is willing to sleep with him and bear his children but will not take his name) has separated from him. It is reported that she’s getting a divorce. His eponymous company’s board of directors cut him loose. His brother spills his guys on Harvey. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave him the boot. And now Bob faces rape charges of his own.

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What happens when your disgusting life crumbles around you?

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Let me tell you where I suspect that Harvey really is and what he is doing.

Yes, he is in Europe. He may be in a castle, but it will be treated like a bunker. In this secure location Weinstein is planning, nay plotting, his revenge. I doubt that he has checked into the Euro recovery ranch just yet.

He will write his own script and ending. Harvey may eventually end up in a rehab compound. But I’d bet that he is operating a war-room right now. He is suing the board of his own company. He probably has his own base of operations using his phone and a limited number of trusted confidants or collaborators to target his opponents and the media that finally did the right thing and betrayed him.

He has had extensive consultations his lawyers and accountants. He is game planning his legal maneuvers. He has discussed his financial and equity positions in various companies and investments. He is considering the chips he had in his donations to politicians. His personal wealth that has been squirrelled away is moving. He’s trying to protect his money because as Richard Gere as Martin Vail said in Primal Fear “You’ve been saving up for a rainy-day? Guess what, it’s raining!”

He was last seen exiting his 22-year old daughter’s house. She called 911 and told the dispatch officer that he was suicidal. Police who answered the call determined that no suicidal comments were made and instead it was a family dispute. Who knows what really happened but what if Harvey gave her $50,000 and told her to do a few things for him, starting with her phone call. This would potentially draw some sympathy or at least create questions about his state of mind.

Now, we can expect a blowback the likes of which we have never seen. Nude pictures from parties. Scandalous video. Political and media figures disparaged. Recently a broadcaster has accused an actor of assaulting his partner. We don’t know who or how this was made public, but I suspect there will be waves of claims of Hollywood sexual crimes and possible evidence of criminal acts. Harvey may even know where bodies are buried, metaphorically if not literally.

If you wondered why Clinton hesitated to denounce Harvey, this may be why.

How many media moguls and talking heads does Harvey have the goods on?

One thing a powerful movie producer understands, when you make a threat to destroy someone you have to make good on it. I’m guessing that Harvey will release hell soon enough and disparage many of the women that have accused him of sexual assault. He can probably detail many of their sexual liaisons. Harvey could attempt to assassinate their character in the media and through internet channels. Then the house of cards will come tumbling down around him. There is an old saying that “you can’t kill a dead man.”

What does Harvey Weinstein have left to lose?

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Garrison Smythe

A young loner on a crusade for the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.


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