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Our nation’s history is filled with heroes during times of greatest need. They seem to appear during times when all seem lost. They stand up to people who represent concepts that go against all we as a people believe relevant. Our Constitution has been attacked throughout our nation’s history yet there has always been someone who has the courage and love of country to defend all of us against any attack.

Where are they during this newest of attacks against our nation and its Constitution? These attacks include having a President Elect refuse to disclose his tax returns in fear that it would show his indebtedness to nations that don’t represent what we believe in. They are both competitors and adversaries. The attacks include having the President Elect refuse to state that our primary adversary, Russia, successfully hacked our political infrastructure. Few are stating this illegal inclusion into our nation’s business changed the election but it did happen. By not admitting reality Donald Trump is strengthening nations that want to weaken us and thus do us harm.

We will not allow warrantless searches of American people. During the time of the American Revolution this was called, “writs of assistance”. Our founding fathers included the Fourth Amendment in our Constitution in order to protect its citizens. No American citizen should be detained as “unlawful enemy combatant” and then subject them to trial by military tribunal. The infamous Star Chamber in English history will never be repeated here. We should all fear for this possibility when our newest of government plays with the idea of using military courts against American Citizens.

We will not allow any blockade of any American City. This sounds a bit odd but remember the President Elect has stated he will discipline any city that defends its population. Sanctuary Cities have been established to protect people who are “illegally’ living in the United States but do not break any laws. This tactic was enforced by the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto and by the Imperial Japanese in Nanking. There is little difference between disarming cities and bankrupting them.

During the election the concept of detention camps was discussed. Under the pretext of making America safe again the idea that Muslim immigrants would be held in detention camps and also categorized because of their religious beliefs was discussed. The President Elect even thought the internment against American citizens of Japanese descent was a good thing. Oppressive governments used internment to break the will of their citizens. This was done to the Boers, the Jewish resisters the Warsaw Ghetto and to the Chechens.

We will not support the use of foreign troops on US soil against the American people. This obviously makes little sense until you understand that the Russian Government hacked into our democracy in order to change our electoral process. No troops were involved but a lot of electronic warfare. Our President Elect does not think this happened but it is more than obvious he is in the minority.

Most importantly we as citizens of the United States will not infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceable assembly, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. During the time of our American Revolution we had heroes in the likes of James Oits, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and Sam Adams that set the fires of freedom in the minds of US.

Where are the heroes of our new American Revolution? If they still exist this would be a good time to make yourselves public.


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