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What is amazing to me is how sick this country is.
Eight short years and the Liberals, Progressive, Marxist, Democrats have take over the Media and our Colleges. As Obama leaves the Presidency we have nearly 20Trillion in National Debt, A stupid Nuclear deal with Iran. A number of dumb trade agreements, unemployment at 9% +, too much regulatory EPA rules preventing the US from being energy independent, Interference from the Federals with our Children and their welfare. Too many illegals in this country, Weakened Military, too many dumb executive orders, ( more than any other President in History), and a host of other meaningless acts designed to change America to a Third World County and forced to our knees to join George Soros’s One World Government.
The lies and deceit that Obama spews out like garbage is all most too much to take. Now the Left Media is attacking Trump and his appointments in every way they can. Media like the Washington Post and the Huffington Post and something called Think, an internet left spewing yellow journalistic publication. I am shocked at what these radicals leftists are getting published.
One picture of Donald Trump in his flat with the Japanese Minister and a blonde woman was titled “Donald Thump Gives the Middle Finger to Citizens” or words to that effect. Not only that is untrue but totally disrespectful of the President Elect. Some jerk in San Diego California threatened to kill Donald. I noticed that the videos of these protesters were a lot of Hispanics and showing Mexican flags. I think they are in the wrong country. If they love Mexico so much they can just go back there.
One move thing all these Leftist Democrat Celebrities like Cher and Whoopi Goldberg promising to leave the country have reneged on there promise OH Duh LOL.

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