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I think both sides can agree that the climate of this election is super-charged. The sad thing is that most Americans are not inspired by either candidate. Well, at least not many anyways. It has become more about what we don’t want than what we do want. As a nation, that is a very sad place to be. We can’t undo what has been set in motion so what if we think about it like this?

For whatever reason, we are stuck with two candidates who are both controversial for different reasons. One for his sometimes crude truth’s and braggadocios ways and one for lies, deceit and extreme lack of judgement and trustworthiness. So, we must stand back, detach and think about what America will look like with either of these candidates as Commander and Chief.

With everything that we know up to this point this is where each candidate stands, what actions they could easily take based on what they have said, published, written, what has been exposed and how they have acted.

This is what America would look like with each candidate.

Hillary R. Clinton:

  • Lies and Deceit

  • Devious Behavior and Self-Interest

  • Two-Faced (Public and Private) Overly p.c. in public (they are called “Muslim Terrorists”while being a racist in private)

  • More Obama Care

  • Tax increase for Middle Class working Americans

  • Disregard for American lives (unless they serve her special interest. re: Benghazi)

  • War with Russia (she blames them for everything and Putin will not put up with her tactics)

  • Open Borders

  • More Big Wall Street, Pharmaceutical, Saudi and other special interest groups calling the shots for Americans

  • T.P.P.

  • 10,000 + new Syrian Refugees

  • Pay for refugees but not our elderly, poor or veterans

  • Balance the budget? How?

  • Anti-Nationalist

  • Globalism Agenda (United Nations)

  • Global Climate Change Agenda (Higher Taxes and more Govt. Control)

  • Stricter Gun Control (via Exec. Order)

  • Pro-Choice/continued government funding for Planned Parenthood

  • Anti-Christian Values

  • Our First Man will be a known philanderer and possible rapist

  • No American Flags on Firetrucks, Police Cars, Government Buildings or Monuments (the DNC Convention had NONE until people pointed in out)

  • No more “In God we Trust” (it is not politically correct or inclusive)

  • Inclusion for all people (regardless of the expensive to common sense, morals or safety)

  • More censorship of Media and Information (her control of most M.S.M. stories through the election process already)

Donald J. Trump:

  • Strong Business Leadership (he has utilized the legal system in bankruptcies and tax shelters. some do not agree with his methods but was and is 100% legal)

  • Strong Deals and Negotiations

  • Understands business and the current systems

  • Wants to actually balance the budget with new or renegotiated deals

  • Truthful (whether you like it or not)

  • Pro America

  • Determined and Persistent

  • Spent all of his own money during the primaries (not in the pocket for special interests)

  • Has the America’s best interest at heart

  • Sometimes off the cuff

  • Willing to negotiate and play fair regarding our International Affairs

  • Braggadocios and sure of himself (which can rub people the wrong way sometimes)

  • Was against War in Iraq

  • Common Sense

  • Patriotic

  • Born again Christian

  • Has been married three times and has acted like a sexist womanizer (we do eventually learn)

  • Secure Borders (safety and American jobs at risk without it)

  • He understands that Immigration is a part of what makes America great but it must be done according to law and for the safety of All American citizens.

  • Cut taxes across the board to promote growth and jobs

  • Vet potential high-risk groups BEFORE allowing them into the U.S.

  • Stronger Military

  • Take care of our Veterans and support Law Enforcement

After considering what each candidate’s America would look like, it is abundantly clear to see which issues seem like the right issues to fight for while the other, well, she has a few flaws in her gameplan.

I found many positives in Donald. He is not perfect, but he is the most like you, like me, and has the best interest of America at heart. He’s an unexpected candidate and maybe that is Exactly what America needs to get untangled from all of the lies, corruption and special interests.

I have one request from all Americans. Pay attention, always to what is going on in the world and in politics. We are being pushed to believe what the M.S.M. (mainstream media) and politicians say we should be believe. It is well documented that they use propaganda and psychological warfare as a means to end or strategy, on all Americans. They have divided and distracted Americans from the actual issues.

Do your research and listen to other points of views and make an effort to understand why people believe what they do. What are their reasons and sources? Are they credible or hearsay? That puts the power and control back in YOUR hands.

Vote your conscious and consider what you want YOUR America to look like. Mine looks like the one with Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.

Spring Phoenix



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