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Answer: NOTHING!

Socialism, and all other forms of collectivism, communism, progressivism, Fascism, etc.) are BASED on THEFT from the producer of new wealth, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason (usually laziness) do not produce any new wealth, themselves. This motto, put out by Karl Marx, the “father of communism,” tells it all: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making “need” a demand upon the EARNINGS of the producers, without payment for that stolen. There is a single reason why collectivism is so popular. That’s because so many people just want a “free ride,” at the expense of others. They don’t care how much it costs, as long as somebody else is paying for it. The number of people in that category is increasing, every day. Mostly because they’re TAUGHT that, in school, at all levels.

Especially in colleges, which have literally been “taken over” by liberals, who daily preach socialism and it’s “benefits.” That those “benefits” are only available to the lazy is not mentioned. It was just beginning when I went to school, but I still remember the emphasis on “sharing” above all else. Marx caused a nation (Russia) to suffer for 75 years from his version of collectivism, communism, before it predictably collapses, since no form of collectivism produces ANY new wealth. It only sucks off those who DO produce, without remuneration—until they “get wise” and stop producing when they figure out they’re only supporting those who will not work and support themselves. Collectivism NEEDS producers, so they can steal what they earn for the benefit of others. When the producers find out they’re supporting the lazy, and get penalized for it, they stop producing, and the system collapses, as it did in Russia, and is now doing in Venezuela.

There are three kinds of people in this world: The producers, the moochers, and the looters, who steal it for them. The looters are the politicians who tax the producers unmercifully, and give that stolen to the moochers. Soon the moochers think it is their due, and demand more. Which the looters willingly steal for them, so they’ll get the votes they need to stay in office, where they can loot even more, for the moochers, and themselves. They say they’re not interested in money, but they’re lying. You don’t need to OWN the money if you CONTROL, absolutely, how it is distributed, and to whom. Then you “get the perks” money can buy, without owning it. Plus, you get treated like a king or queen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are today’s looters, and they need to be BANISHED, forever from political office. In the upcoming election (2016), I sincerely hope there are enough producers to outnumber the moochers, so they will not again elect the looters to office, so they can victimize us again.


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