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Government shutdowns have always been about Democrats spending more than they take in tax revenues and Republicans fighting to stop them from wasting the people’s money.  The Trump threat of a shutdown is not to stop Democrat waste, but to stop Republicans from not paying to secure the border as they have been promising for decades.  What is not right about this?

Shutdowns under Reagan, Clinton, and Obama

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan shutdown the government repeatedly over Democrats increasing spending.  After forcing tax cuts on them that caused the economy to boom, Democrats forced deficit spending on him claiming his tax cuts only went to the rich and left government with less.  Each time the Democrat controlled Congress inflicted pain on the voters.  The fact that paying less taxes left companies with more profits with which to grow and create more jobs, thus increasing the number of taxpayers until revenues surpassed pre-tax cut revenue was completely ignored by Democrats.  In response to the increased revenue, Democrats increased their deficits and when Reagan’s eight years ended on a booming economy they slandered him as having created a trillion-dollar deficit.  This is how Democrats work to deceive the people.

When Democrats smeared George Bush for breaking his promise to raise the taxes, taxes that congressional Democrats insisted needed to be done, they got Bill Clinton elected.  When Clinton increased taxes more and the economy went into recession, Republican Newt Gingrich vowed to balance the budget and lower taxes if Americans would just give Republicans control of Congress for the first time since the 50s.  By this time the leftwing media didn’t have a monopoly on the news, so the word got out and Republicans were elected to majorities in the House and Senate.  When Newt presented the balanced budget cuts to Bill Clinton, the Democrat shutdown the government in 1995 refusing to sign the only balanced budget in the last sixty years.  Social Security checks didn’t go out to senior citizens and military benefits were not paid for three weeks.  Gingrich refused to relent, and Clinton bowed.  The economic boom of Reagan was renewed through the nineties and Clinton, true to leftist ideology, took credit for it.  The Republican Congress corrected government operations so that seniors and the military couldn’t be hurt again and ran a balanced budget for four years until 2001.  America was in chaos after Al Gore tried to steal the election in 2000, and nine months later America was attacked and went to war.

Barack Hussein Obama got elected in 2008 over a series of lies such as claiming the wars were not paid for, that Bush was profiting from oil prices, and that presidential spending caused the economy to crash when it was Democrats who had been re-elected to control Congress that were regulating oil prices and busting their own mortgage banks to crash the economy and get Obama elected.  Obama’s tax increases stagnated the economy for the next eight years despite Republicans being put back in charge in the House.  He forced trillion-dollar deficits through the Democrat Senate without a budget for six years.  He shut down the government in 2013 over Republican Ted Cruz’s filibuster refusing to back his deficit spending and ObamaCare tax increases.  Obama closed and barricaded the WWII Monument and National Parks against the public.  Patriots removed the barriers daily for the two weeks and dumped on the White House lawn, so aged WWII veterans could visit their memorial until the filibuster was ended and Obama’s spending continued.

Democrats had grown the National Debt to $1 trillion under Reagan, to $5 trillion under Clinton, and war deficits had grown it to $10 trillion under Bush.  But when Obama got hold of it the National Debt was increased by $10 trillion dollars under his deficit spending alone.  The wars that were funded were not American wars, but the Muslim Brotherhood renewing the Jihad and overthrowing Middle East government in an attempt to re-establish the Caliphate.  The rest went to Democrat cronies on Wall Street and union bosses to cover their losses in the Democrat economy.  Democrats blame Republicans for 100% of the National Debt, but they hold in their hands 90% of it.  Republicans only ran deficits during wars which, contrary to leftist propaganda, do not increase the economy, but wastes resources.

The Trump Shut Down Threat

Now Trump is threatening to shut down the government, not because Democrats want to spend too much, but because Republicans want to spend too much.  What’s more they don’t want to spend on what is necessary – the Wall!  This is not rocket science.  Democrats shut down the government when Republicans refused to spend more taxpayer money on government waste.  Each time it was Democrats spending and Republicans trying to reign them in.  Each time the Democrats inflicted maximum pain where they could on the voters and blamed Republicans.  What is different now is that it is a Republican president who is working to make America function more efficiently and securely, and it is a Republican Congress that is fighting him over it.

Why are Republicans working with Democrats to stop Trump from securing the southern border against invaders?  “America,” the RINOs drone dogmatically with their Democrat allies, “is a nation of immigrants that should be open to all immigrants.”  This is a lie.  America is a nation of citizens who have laws about immigration.  Americans are for immigrants who come into the country legally.  After America was established, our ancestors who were not the original colonists didn’t sneak into the country to take jobs.  Our ancestors immigrated openly and legally to work and pay taxes.  Today the immigration system is broken, not because of bad law, but because Democrats are breaking the law.

The open southern border with Mexico, which is only technically an ally, allows invaders, drug dealers, and terrorists to cross into the country unhindered.  Law enforcement is coming under attack by Democrats for upholding the law.  They are being smeared by psychotic Democrats as Trump’s Gestapo inflicting a Holocaust on border jumpers because they arrested them and put children in separate holding facilities.  Part of this is because drug dealers use children taken from their families as mules to give them cover.  The same thing was done under Obama, Bush, and Clinton who instituted the law.  But that doesn’t stop Democrats from blaming the Republicans and elevating their hysteria against ICE.  ICE isn’t a part of border control, but arrests Democrat’s “undocumented workers,” i.e. intruders who take jobs and don’t pay taxes, and deports people, especially criminals, who are in the country illegally.

Immigration doesn’t require new law but forcing Democrats to obey law.  Liberals exercise extreme stupidity when it comes to illegal aliens invading the country.  They say stupid things like, “these people are not aliens from another planet,” and “no human being is illegal.”  For you ignorant liberals, alien does not just refer to E.T. and no one is saying a human being is illegal, only their actions.  Again, it’s not rocket science, just liberal stupidity and their willingness to break laws and invade America as criminals hiding from the IRS so they can steal American’s incomes, not to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.”  It is the business owners who elect Democrats and RINOs who endorse this crime for the cheap labor, and it is Democrats who want to overrule American citizens and have foreign invaders vote over them to re-elect themselves to power.  Democrats promise “free stuff” by vowing to steal from the rich through the institution of democratic socialism that has always been their ideology.  Their goal is to destroy the Trump Recovery and make America less again by keeping the border insecure, so they can continue to import America haters.

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