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You have to go beyond the socialist written dictionary to discover what is socialism. Socialism is Marxism, pure and simple.

It started with Kant (you can reach truth through belief just as well as you can by reason — in other words political whim) then Hegel brought the concept of replacing the common good by the average bad (if +A is art and -A is garbage then both are art because both are A). Then 20 years later Marx jumped on that fallacy paradox and turned it into “scientific socialism” claiming that if +A is thesis and -A is antitheses then the “ideal” solution is a compromise between +A and -A. So that made the average bad deal and took away the idea that the common good was the best of the best. Then Cantor, in set theory, 20 years after Marx, solved the Hegel paradox in mathematics saying that it is not +A and -A at all but A and B in a universal set which contained both and much more.

So, socialists have redefined language and society in the plan outlined in 1984 and Brave New World, but you are looking for a dictionary definition. You won’t find it. But you will discover what is socialism, if you compare the theories behind them. Capitalism, which is a social theory says that people prosper by the sane interchange of value through reason and contract.

Socialism, which is an authoritarian theory, is based on Hobbes and Malthus who indicate that people are bad and must be controlled through force and violence.

So, if you want to find out if something is socialist or capitalist, make one simple evaluation — is it powered by force and violence — does someone have to force you to do it under violence or threat of violence — or is it powered by reason and contract — do you do it based on your own free will.

So, socialism is communism, fascism and globalism. It is based on the theory of force and violence. It is opposed to capitalism which is based on the theory of reason and contract.

And you can’t find that in dictionary made by socialists.


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