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According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Fifth Edition:

” …. a Representative is a member of a governmental body, usually legislative, chosen by popular vote ……. authorized to act as an agent or official delegate … “.

In my opinion, under the Constitution of The United States, this person, or representative, is directed by public vote, to represent the people, and to enact and put forth laws under said directive.

In plainer English, they are there because ‘we the people’ put them there, not to impeach our President, not to disrupt his actions, but to consider his agenda as it relates to the wishes and best interests of the people. Cooperation, consideration, discussion, and debate are the tools to be used.

Personal and private events and situations are not for use as a tool to embarrass or otherwise subvert the character of another, unless of course, such would interfere with the ability of any public figure to properly and honestly act in accordance with the wishes of his/her constituency.

Further, said Representatives must ensure the Laws of the Nation, as put forth in the Constitution, will be properly interpreted and enacted in the best interest of the Nation.

I would further expect that these revered individuals, serving in the Government, would not lower themselves, their actions, or their conversations, to extend to anything not pertaining to, or affecting the citizenry of the United States, or the Nation itself.

That being said, I respectfully suggest that our representatives in the various Local, State, and Federal seats of Government, begin acting like the mature and knowledgeable professionals we expect them to be.

We expect and demand they uphold and protect our Constitution. We expect and demand they put forth laws and regulations that ensure our Republic withstands the winds of time, and enact amendments to stay in and with the changing morays of Society.

We further demand that those entrusted with the responsibilities of representing the Citizenry of this, the United States of America, shall show the wisdom and fortitude as previously reflected by our forefathers.

Petty name calling, personal attacks of a verbal and physical nature, are to be treated as and for what they are; and should be dealt with in a court of law.

The so-called “celebrities” of our Society should not be given a pass to act in a treasonous manner; to incite treasonous actions, or to threaten our Government Representatives and their families.

Freedom of speech is a valuable right, but should not be abused, or threatened by such abuse. The fanatical fans of such celebrities are motivated through their misguided loyalty and will follow through with horrendous and even criminal actions. These celebrities should realize and understand their influence. Such influence should not be used to put forth their own personal agenda. This is blatant tyranny on a Sociopolitical level.

We must flood the many ways at our disposal; the USPS, the Emails, the Public postings in local newspapers, and the voting booths; we must use whatever means we have on an acceptable level and in a mature manner to let our Representatives know and understand our feelings, needs, and desires.

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