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I have been living and working in China for thirteen years and I have been writing about Political Correctness and Multiculturalism for most of that time.

I write against the former because it is an instrument of totalitarianism being used to destroy democracy, and I write against the latter because the PC sociopaths who constantly accuse everyone of being racist are completely ignorant of the ‘ethnic’ cultures they promote and yet they demand that ‘we’ change our culture to suit immigrant cultures.

Notice that I did not say that the ‘immigrants’ demand that we change. I didn’t say that because for the most part it just isn’t true! It has been the godless totalitarian PC sociopaths (activists) who have demanded that we change, and they started first with the claim that nativity scenes in shop windows offended non-Christians. For those who don’t know, Evangelical Christians traditionally don’t believe in icons and depictions of God or Jesus because it is akin to idolatry. If there were any who might have been offended, it was surely the fundamentalist Christians. Certainly the Buddhists and Hindus aren’t offended by nativity scenes, and if you think about it, have you ever heard a Muslim, a Jew or an Evangelical Christian complain about Nativity Scenes?

The activists were smart in their game play because they ensured that the general population would infer that it was the Muslims who were offended by nativity scenes. And so the myth was born of Muslims demanding we change our society. In the beginning at least, this was not the case.

The Cultural Marxists who ‘hate’ religion of all types (because it is the opiate of the masses), set out to rid society of Judeo-Christian culture, heritage and traditions. Their goal is destroy what is – so that they create what will be.

It is my personal belief that those activist ideologues are just too arrogant and too ignorant to fully understand what Islam actually is and therefore cannot fully understand what their ideology is creating. Being absolutely sure that they can ‘control’ the Muslims that they are empowering, they set about their plan of destroying our historical culture. They still have not realized that they have painted targets on their own backs as they lay the foundation for the complete destruction of ‘our’ democratic freedoms.

One of their targets in that destruction is our right to have and hold opinions. That today is being attacked through a program of instilling fear and guilt by constantly accusing people of being some sort of ‘ist’ or of promoting some sort of ‘ism.’ That is why the first thing that happens when you say something of which the activists disapprove, they immediately begin calling you names, branding you as a this, that or something else.

I personally get tired of all those idiotic sheep who keep running around accusing everyone of racism. If I say that I don’t like Muslims, then according to them that makes me a racist!

I wonder how well the ‘we welcome Muslims’ ideological mantra is holding up in France and Germany right now? I guess as long as it was not your family member who was killed in a terrorist attack then it is okay to call people racists when they say that they fear Muslims.

So what does make you a racist?

Does saying that I don’t like Indian food make me a racist? Or only if I say I don’t like Indians?

If I say that I don’t like President Obama, does that make me Anti-American or a racist because he is black?

If I say that I like Donald Trump, then as I understand it I am a racist supporter of apartheid.

If I say – ‘if you don’t like my country then you should go elsewhere,’ then I am definitely a racist. I know this is a fact because I have been told most adamantly by the same people who told me that as an expat (living in China) I must abide by the local laws and customs and not give offense to the local people. Go figure!

The strange thing is that if I say that even though your culture allows you to have four wives, you are not allowed to practice your culture in my country – then apparently I am not a racist.

If I say that even though female circumcision is permissible in your culture, it is not permitted in my country – then too I am not a racist.

If I say that even though marrying child brides is permitted in your culture you are not permitted to do it in my country, then I am also (apparently) not a racist.

If I say that I don’t like your country or its people because of its/their treatment of the LGBT community, then certainly I am not a racist.

If I disapprove of honor killings done by your people in your home culture, this is okay and does not make me a racist – or so I’ve been told.

But if I say that I don’t want my country turning into an Islamic State, then apparently I am a racist, as I would be too if I said I don’t want to have Muslim friends because their culture is not like my own.

As a person living in an Asian country, and as one who encounters Muslims on a daily basis, it is really funny to me when I consider how westerners and Politically Correct Multiculturalists seem to know everything about everything when it comes to racism, multiculturalism and political correctness, but for some reason they always seem to believe that people in foreign countries not only think the same way as they do (the sociopathic PC westerners), but that the foreigners are just dying to meet our PC expectations and requirements as though they were citizens born and bred in our country and within our culture.

We may love ‘ethnic culture,’ but really, I wonder how many people ever realize that underneath their love of the exotic, there remains an inherent superior sense of being that ignorantly assumes that ‘ethnic’ people naturally believe, think and act like ‘us!’

It really is difficult in today’s world to know what makes you a racist and what does not. So many times I have been accused of being a racist because of the things I have written in my stories about China – and yet – I will take Chinese life and culture over western culture any day.

I have in the last thirteen years become very Chinese, for you see, like the Chinese (and Muslims all throughout the Middle East), I am proud of my culture and heritage and I think that if you want my country to change just to suit your political and or religious views, then you can jolly well just pack your bags and go back where you came from. I really do prefer the Chinese and Muslim way of thinking to that of political activists at home.

I don’t know if this article has helped you at all. All I can say is that if you still don’t know what makes you a racist, then join the club. Perhaps if I leave you with this politically correct piece of advice, it might help:

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when the Romans come to your town, do also as the Romans do!” (After all, you don’t want to be called a racist.)


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