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One of the most dramatic, shocking and thought-provoking answers to a question ever given to a Congressional Committee was that expressed by Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?”. It should be carved on her headstone.


Certainly the Obama Presidency has been one of the worst, if not the worst in our history. It proved a few things: America would elect a “black” man. America would elect a man who may have not been born in the United States as his long form birth certificate remains in question after examination by an Arizona Sheriff’s forensic team. “Leading from behind” does not work; it increases violence. “Official” data is often false and not to be trusted. When 52% of the possible workforce is not working the official unemployment rate is 5%! Must me “New Math” or “Common Core” figures.


The people are paying a lot more attention than our national government thinks, wants or would allow if they could control the Internet. Major media are as corrupt as is our government and much of Wall Street. The Federal Reserve must be audited, for the first time yet! And, the Federal National Mortgage Association must be privatized or dissolved along with the EPA, Department of Education, NASA, National Science Foundation and other such bureaus that are only good for hatching useless programs for wasting money. We must begin serious research on the seas and develop deep sea robot mining and drilling systems as well as sea farming and element recovery systems. These all have high potential as resources for a hungry world.


Scamsters like Elon Musk who is listed as a billionaire without ever having made a profit, but got five billion Dollars in Federal loan guarantees, which he has totally drained and had hoped to get Hillary to expand for his “Million Men on Mars” scheme for “…going where no man has gone before because it was stupid,” proving that not only is there a sucker born every minute, but one lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. We are not laughing…


Hillary lost the election because she wanted to increase personal income taxes 35% to $350 billion, business taxes 39% to $275 billion, “Fairness” taxes $400 billion, Inheritance 50%, plus have higher taxes on Capital Gains, Stock Trading (a transaction tax), and a huge Exit Tax for those who were fleeing which would only mean that if she won all our really smart money people would head for tax havens between November 9, 2016 and January 20, 2017. These are people who can move in a “New York Minute” and take all their capital and skill with them, listening to the collapse of America on the way out.


How the Democrats dare try to blame their loss on “the Russians” is beyond belief. They now claim the leak of John Podesta’s emails from the Hillary campaign could directly affect the general election, altering the votes of 3141 counties to vote for Donald J. Trump when none of the actual voting machines was on line to say nothing of dealing with 3141 of them!


What the hell could be in John Podesta’s emails to have such an effect? It just makes no sense. Hillary’s screeching claim “17 Federal investigative agencies say Russia hacked the election” is false as the only two to make a statement said they did not while the rest are silent. Apparently one CIA analyst confirms the story, but given the nature of that bureau, “So what?” Have we forgotten Director Tenet’s “Slam dunk!” The CIA has turned into one big Faculty Lounge of wool-gathering fantasy-featherhead grads of “remote viewing” correspondence courses from Art Bell.


Nonetheless, all this talk has generated much interest in America’s discussion of this nonsense as our Russian readership is up from five percent, or less to over 50% of our readers per day! Our only regret is that they don’t click on ads so we go down in that parameter.


Sean Hannity had Julian Assange on his program on 12/15/16 and he declared that WikiLeaks did not get the John Podesta emails from any Russian source, but that they had come from within the DNC! That is a far more likely scenario as John is an evil man, very hard to be around for more than five minutes, and likely to develop enemies from within any organization he leads. That he was made the Chair of Hillary’s campaign says a lot about it: It had to be dripping with hate and evil energy. It would be hard to imagine what they did for fun in that place and hard to imagine someone would not out them. People generally take only so much before they start thinking, “What difference does it make?”


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