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Abortion means two people leave home one day, but one never returns.  Abortion means two people enjoy life and freedom one day, but not the next day.  Abortion means two people enjoy friends and laughter one day, but suddenly one doesn’t get to anymore.  Abortion means one person get to visit their parents and grandparents, but the other one doesn’t.  Abortion means one person gets to grow up and make friends and go to school, play games and make choices and see the light of day, but the other person doesn’t get that privilege.  Abortion means one person gets to have a career, own a home, enjoy the sunrise and sunset or play with a pet, but the other person doesn’t.

Abortion means one person gets left out of all of the possibilities of enjoying anything, but faces the rejection and pain of trying to escape death while trapped in the womb of the very person who should be protecting them with every fiber of their being.  But, instead, for whatever the reason this person has chosen to terminate the other person’s life.  Abortion means one person is acting like God and taking away the other person’s life.  Abortion means a lot of things, all of which are negative, some of which are painful, most of which are selfish.  Abortion is not healthcare and abortion is not birth control.  Abortion is the termination of a living human being.  Abortion means that an innocent, fragile baby who has committed no crime, hated no person, been unkind or cruel to anyone has been judged unworthy to live.  Abortion is the selfish, cruel act of an adult human being who knows perfectly well deep down in their heart that it is a selfish act of the utmost depravity.  Abortion is the denial of the right to freedom and life.  Where is the baby’s choice in abortion?


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