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Trump Administration Is FILLED With New World Order Frontmen and Dark Occultists.  One can only agree with Ron Paul that CFR’s John Bolton must go!

Many thought Trump was anti-new world order because the alternative media told them so and the rhetoric that came out of Trump’s mouth seemed to confirm it.  But now, one can only agree with Ron Paul to get rid of John Bolton:
The 120,000 American troops possibly sent to Iran by John Bolton was the same number for Iraq. I’ve long suspected CFR John Bolton of being Deep State and a Military/Industrial Complex shill. In this day of smart bombs and high technology, there’s absolutely no reason to send troops to Iran. Iranian terrorist sleeper cells and those in Venezuela certainly will take over if 120,000 troops are sent to Iran.  Iranian missiles crossing Canada will be aimed at America…

US troops to be sent to Iran have nothing to do with American defense. Human-rights violator Saudi Arabia would expend American lives to further its nationalistic interests. Again, with incredible technology in US possession, there’s absolutely no reason to send US troops to Iran. We’re being set up.  By New World Order frontmen and women…

Trump filled his cabinet with New World Order frontmen and women…

All but two are easily searchable members of the Freemasons, Trilateral Commission, the Council for National Policy, the Council on Foreign Relations or Skull and Bones.

Paul Ryan
Council on Foreign Relations & Trilateral Commission,

Kellyanne Conway
Council for National Policy

Sarah Palin
Council on Foreign Relations

Steven Mnuchin
Skull and Bones
Goldman Sachs

Chris Christie

Michael Flynn
Former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Sid Miller

John Bolton
Council on foreign relations

Rudolph Giuliani
Council on foreign relations

Newt Gingrich
Council on foreign relations

Forrest Lucas
No apparent New World order affiliation by simple google search,
Just a self-made oil tycoon who started up a foundation called “protect the harvest” to literally fight animal rights activists at every turn, as you do when your name is Forrest…

Wilbur Ross

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley
Former Iowa Governor now Ambassador to China Terry Branstad

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