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I guess we need to be reminded that WE the People are the ones who run this country.  We have gotten so “lazy” (according to Mr. Obama in China) – and apathetic – that everyone else seems to be having their way with us.  Have we either ignored or forgotten the fact that we need to express our opinions to Congress?  It doesn’t do any good to merely vent on Social Media.  Although there is comfort in the fact that others agree with us, the folks who can do something about it either aren’t being told, haven’t been told often enough, or purposely haven’t been listening. As much as we might like the conversation with our peers, – it isn’t enough to get the right folks to take the right action required to really change things.

It might not do any good to write Congress either – but I believe that if enough of us do it, they’ll be more inclined to listen. When only a few speak up, they tend to hear the dollars they receive talking louder than their constituents.  Grassroots politics has always been effective.  Aren’t we all fed up enough by now to finally raise our voices?  Many of the members of Congress will return home during the recess to campaign for their re-election.  Let them know how you feel before they leave!!!

Congress will be closing this year’s session at the end of this month. What’s on the agenda before they go?  Allocating enough dollars to keep the doors [open only until the end of this year].  They want to give the next President a “Clean slate”. It has mostly been their practice to allocate 3 months’ worth of funds – thereby causing the need for what they call a lame-duck session.  Here, they reconvene (after the elections) and after some of them no longer represent their constituents.  They can then vote to extend the resolution until March without being accountable to those who have to foot the bill!  While they are in this lame-duck session however, they historically have added whatever special projects they might be sponsoring (at our expense) so they look good in their home states.  And we have to foot the bill!

I addition, not finishing the budget in a timely manner throughout the year, they should have dealt with other important issues such as a moratorium on immigration…..saving the Internet & our Freedom of Speech….. Veterans Administration….. Blocking the release of Guantanamo detainees…..   And what about the promises made to repeal Obamacare? After all, didn’t they take an oath to protect our Freedoms?  What exactly have they been doing all this time?  They took a long summer recess – the longest, ever, I’ve been told.

We have watched silently as The Feds have taken over control of the Banks, The Auto Industry, Communications, Education, The Environment, parts of the Bill of Rights, and so on. Now, they want to “Oversee” our elections – in co-operation with the U.N.  That’s like having the fox watch the henhouse!

Please, Y’all. Make noise.  Tell your representatives that you’ve had enough!  Show them that we still have a voice to be heard.  If we continue to be silent, it only makes it easier for them to take control.  I don’t know about you….. But I’ve never really liked anyone telling me what to do!

The election this year has been broken down as

  1. More of the same
  2. A New & Different approach

The appointment of Supreme Court Justices alone is a most important issue. This is the last chance to defend the Constitution as it was written. We need Conservative oversight over the 300 Federal Judges that Mr. Obama has already appointed.  Our Constitution, as written was good enough.  Our rights are guaranteed – and are not at liberty to be taken away.   The Founding Father’s document does not need re-interpretation.  That would be like re-writing the Bible.  We already have instructions….Why can’t we follow them!

And finally, exercise your right to vote – unless they’ve already taken that away. I wish we all still had paper ballots – they could at least be re-counted.  It’s too easy to cook the books on-line.  And it doesn’t have to necessarily be the Russians – like they want us to believe.  It could be anyone.  After exposing how it could be done on a You Tube video earlier, that video was removed – due to what they called ‘copyright infringement’.  But, as I see it, it is actually censorship, no matter what you call it.

Let’s speak up about those topics that will directly affect our future and the future of those to follow!



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