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Most people are aware of Ph. It’s a balancing act between acidity and alkalinity – also called the acid-base balance.If your body becomes too acidic – you die. If it becomes too alkaline – you die.

God designed our bodies wonderfully, and its built-in acid-base balancing mechanisms normally do a fantastic job of keeping us alive. But eating too much of the wrong foods, certain disease states and a number of negative environmental factors can tip the scales in either direction – enough to make you unwell, but usually not enough to kill you.

So what’s a person who wants to be healthy to do in order to assist the body in maintaining a healthy balance? Many things, including a safe working environment, eating less acidic foods, watching what you put on your skin, and drinking good water. I’ll confine my comments to water in this post.

In general, a Ph of 7.0 is considered neutral. Anything below that is acidic; anything above that level is alkaline. Your body’s natural Ph is 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. You can check yours by using Ph strips that test either urine or saliva. Up to a point, the more alkaline your body is, the better.


As with everything health-related, there are people out there who are more than willing to help you lighten your wallet in exchange for scam products. For instance, a bottled water that advertises itself as being “perfect” water does so because it has a Ph of 7.4 – the same as the human body.

But for water to have any effect on your health it needs to be at least 9.0, and preferably 9.5. There is one commercial water called Qure that has a Ph of 9.5. You can get it on Amazon for 8 cents per ounce, which sounds cheap. But that’s $2.50 per quart! There may be other, as well.

Cheaper was of getting alkaline water into your body include reverse osmosis devices you can install in your water system for your drinking and cooking water; countertop machines that increase the alkalinity; “structured” water devices that not only increase alkalinity but also the oxygen in the water; and adding lime juice to your water (if you can handle the taste – I’m not a fan).

Whatever you decide, do your homework. There are many devices available that claim to produce healthier water. Study their website, look at reviews, and talk to others who have expertise before you make a decision.

DISCLAIMER: My Doctorate is in Theology. I am not a medical doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, or nutritionist. I just study a lot.

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