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By Rachel M. Emmanuel,

If Bud Light thought that the fury against them would cool off in time, they thought wrong.

Political commentator Benny Johnson recently found out that one surefire way to hear some choice cuss words was to offer people in Nashville a Bud Light.

In a hilarious video recorded on Broadway Street in Nashville — a place known for flowing booze, Johnson unsuccessfully (for the most part) tried to give away a Bud Light.

Warning: The following video contains vulgar language that some readers may find offensive.

The reactions to his offer ranged from “Hell no, you can’t pay me to drink that” to “Yeah, I’ll throw it away right there” to “No thank you” to some answers with some choice expletives thrown in.

“No f***ing way.” one man said.

“Sir, it’s so good,” Johnson teased.

“Are you making friends tonight? I don’t think so,” the man replied.

While a few guys couldn’t turn down the offer of a free beer, regardless of what brand it was, others recoiled from the can as if it was laced with poison.

“I believe in Christian values and family values, and that’s what this country was built on — on God,” one man said.

“What were they thinking man?” Johnson asked him.

“They weren’t thinking,” the man replied.

Another man told Johnson that Bud Light trucks at restaurants he works with have told him that they have experienced a drop in the sales of Bud Light by about 50-80 percent.

“Look at a different job or a different company at this point” was his advice.

Johnson even asked the bartender at John Rich’s bar, “Redneck Riviera,” if people were buying or if they were selling Bud Light and got a resounding “no.”

Bud Light’s social media partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has destroyed what used to be the nation’s best-selling beer, losing the company hundreds of millions of dollars and earning the disdain (and a few choice words) of many Americans.

It’s a solemn warning to brands who disrespect their customer base by pushing their woke ideas on them.

“They’re going down the drain, guaranteed,” one person told Johnson.

And that’s probably where any retailers still carrying the brand may have to pour their remaining cans, too.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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