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America, what can you say when a party believes it is wrong to help those that need help the most while giving to those who need it the least? You call it a wasted asset. We give farmers billions to bail them out, after Donald Trump starts an international tariff war, and say it is fair, but should the American taxpayer pay for the ignorance of Trump? When America gave millions to bail out banks, it was good for the economy? Not where I sit. Maybe if the banks went back to being banks and not trading on the stock market and commodities, they may have time to control their house. When Trump had the tax laws changed to give trillions to the most wealthy, it was good for America, not so much. This is known as hoping for trickle-down economics. We found companies like Apple that just reinvested in their own brand, and never gave a dime to the hard-working Americans, so there was no boom in the economy.

When an independent or a Democrat wants to spend money on vets, homeless people, the elderly, the sick, hungry children, insurance for all, or social security increases for the elderly, they are called Socialist, crazy, out of control? Not the America that I knew prior to the piranha called Donald Trump. Not from the Christian God, or Jesus Christ. These are the true assets of a healthy nation when they are able to take care of their own. A country on the verge of collapse has trillion dollar trade deficits, and loss of financial gain for the hard-working farmers, and no real opportunity to see the need to open mills once again to employ thousands at good paying jobs.

The future offers jobs in a technologically advanced society, and America needs to come to grasp with the knowledge that schools and colleges need to turn the corner on how they educate our next generation of inventors. The overburden of cost placed upon a young person stigmatizes then for decades and threatens their livelihood by the standards of money over creating the next generation of well-educated employees ready to take on the challenges of new power supplies, medical advances, and other high tech opportunities, including computer and the wireless industry. Greed, highlighted by Trump, has taken over common sense and reality for the power of today and the gluttony of the All-Mighty Dollar. America must remove every Red political Senator and Representative that has not the backbone, nor the fortitude to stand up for the American worker, farmer, and citizen. Remove those who ignore the constitution, make agreements in the dark, and start a huge Rumor Mill of a Dark State, which is actually those who in the freshness of the day show their ill content for the crimes of one Donald J. Trump and his cohorts.

Never in the history of America has there been a party so blind to its leader, or so whining that they could be described as Nazi-Like Orange Snowflake, urine rolling legion of criminal Cultist, and that be an exact description, but Donald and his white supremacist followers and sexual deviants can be described by that. Donald Trump does not represent well in any fashion. He has committed each of the thirteen deadly sins, so he surely, without question cannot be called Christian “Christ-Like”, nor even a disciple of Christ. He is not a leader for he bullies, does not lead. He is not a statesman, for he insults other state leaders, and he is not what most honorable integrity driven parents would ever want any child of theirs to act like. Donald Trump is a horrible treasonous criminally insane clown that deserves impeachment and then to be tried for treason and high crimes against America, and to be punished accordingly in the most severe of ways. This may wake up those who follow him and believe to hate, to insult, to divide, and to steal from others as acceptable may learn and change their ways immediately.

Donald Trump is a lame duck before his fourth year of being President, with over 20 of Most Damaging Items coming From Mueller’s Report. Donald Trump, if he was one centimeter as intelligent as he attempts to prove, he would be smart enough to resign and go into hiding. Even an earthworm that comes out after rain will slide back in the ground if it feels danger around it. White supremacist creates violence and division and causes uprisings in America, which rises to the level of inciting, which is a detainable offense, and each one needs to be rounded up and sent to Rikers Island, for a minimum of 5 years. What is being alluded to in this piece is it is time America took America back from the Red Republicans, financed by Russia, must be removed and a new forward-looking honorable party must come from the ashes like a phoenix. America cannot sit back on its laurels hoping things will just get better. Every poor decision creates another worse decision, that in turn hurts America in trade, jobs, economy and the ability to pursue a life of happiness, but only survive paycheck to paycheck.

White Supremacist forget history. IT was mostly white criminals who first came to the “New Land”, and they brought disease, then famine to Native Americans. When that did not rid the area of the Native Americans they killed, and squandered and pushed these people into small areas. Then these same fools were too lazy to work, so they went to South Africa and enslaved the Black man and thought they had the right to buy and sell the South Africans like a piece of farm machinery, and they raped the women, beat and killed the children and men. The supremacist caused the Civil War, not because of slavery, but by ignoring the Constitution. The supremacist thought the only good place for a woman was in the home slaving over a stove, and making sure that it was warm, which meant cutting and carrying wood, to sewing clothing and cooking from sunrise to sunset. History does not forget those who have always believed they are better than others, but they will find themselves on a corner by themselves once again as in every case before them.

To those who follow in the footsteps of the Adolf Hitler idolizers to those of Jonestown, and continually drink the Kool-Aid and go as far as to state that Trump is some type of religious savior. You are mentally deficient and belong under a very controlled observation so you do not cause harm to yourself or others. Reality has not yet struck you in the eyes, for you spend your days and nights listening to FAUX NEWS, Trump’s propaganda network, and have not yet seen the true devastation of his actions or deeds.

If you are one of the sick perverts who believe that Melania Trump is wonderful while Ms. Cortez is terrible for dancing as a teenager, remember who did XXX porno movies and who hired prostitutes! The background of a person, the race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and age have no bearing on if they are honorable, integrity driven, and empathetic, but a big mouth, low IQ and selfish greed in any language, gender, race or sexual orientation is just that, ignorance.


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