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Let’s show them some compassion; their world has collapsed around them; pent up anger, bitterness and hate have consumed them. They seek relief, a measure of stability and sanity, a silver lining in the dark clouds of despair, a ray of sunlight to brighten their pitiful lives.

Democrats, liberal progressives in the age of Trump may have found their redeemer; a middle-aged black woman, a billionaire and talk show hostess, whose inspiring words at Golden Globe Awards have given them some hope. After a year of fear, disillusionment, malaise, and uncertainty, let them bask in the warm and sensitive glow of redemption, until reality sets in.

Could I have ended this article with just the above few sentences as a gesture of sympathy and bridging the divide between conservatives and liberal progressives, and just let it go at that and leave out any snide condescending remarks. Perhaps, but such hopeful expectations are not in the cards these days, or the stars.

Just when we thought after last Tuesday’s open door gathering at the White House with republicans, democrats and the press, the president conducted a discussion on immigration that would hopefully and perhaps finally accomplish what seems a monumental task that has eluded previous administrations, of finding a solution to the immigration issue that has plagued America for decades. The meeting ended on a positive note, but sadly after all was said and done, it was not to be.

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It took only 48 hours to destroy any hope of resolving the immigration issue, for now. In a follow up closed door meeting on Thursday with select members of each party, democrats, with some republican support,  presented their version of an immigration bill that the president rejected out of hand and wanted nothing to do with. The meeting ended abruptly and on a negative note, and that’s when the crap hit the fan and the stench has permeated the nation.

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The results are, it appears most of the mainstream media have set aside all objectivity and fairness. They prefer to believe the one lone voice that of democrat Senator Dick Durbin, who claims the president in the private meeting- I emphasis private- used a vulgar and derogatory reference in describing certain countries. While republicans at the meeting claim otherwise, and it is common knowledge that Durbin has fabricated facts in the past and was forced to apologize, means nothing to the media and the rest of Mr. Trump’s detractors. The usual suspects surfaced accusing the president of, you guessed it, racism.

This bias can best be summed up in the words of the noted English philosopher Francis Bacon, “Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true”. Some might argue about a rogue senator, but we can agree that the president’s words were inappropriate and insensitive, but this feigned outrage and accusations of racism directed at Mr. Trump by all the usual suspects; the condemnation and self-righteous indignation by indignant hypocrites wallowing in pious self-assurance is nothing more than theater of the mind for the ignorant.

I’ll wager not one of these phony’s give a damn about the people of Haiti and Africa. And while all this brouhaha over words at a private meeting that have little effect on most Americans saturates the public domain, the nation continues to prosper and improve with a number achievements in 2017: tax reform, the economy, unemployment, jobs, the rout of ISIS, North and South Korea sitting down to talk. In other words, the Trump haters prefer to concentrate on the insignificant rather than the positive.

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