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The primary difference between a warrior and a protester is what they go to war for and the obstacles that stand in the way of what they go to war for. Warriors go to war to take the land. They value the land above all else, for what it promises to produce for them if they can but take it. It’s the fruit of the =land they are after, the prospect of a place to call home, and a hope the land can be cleared of the obstacles it was first possessed of, so its new occupants can live freely and securely. Yes. There is a war; there is a warrior who dedicates himself to and for the defense or liberation of other countries. It’s a kindness and sacrifice offered by one country to another who likewise desire above all else to possess their own land.

Land being the goal of the warrior, the greatest obstacle in the way of he who takes the land is the people of the land defending the land to be taken. Termed the enemy, they are usually killed or displaced. Sometimes they are conquered and enslaved, but that is quite old school. ISIS is not an example of old school. It shares more in common with protesters than warriors. ISIS has shown little interest in the land, has indicated less interest in what the land is capable of producing, and seems quite content to lose ground as long as they or their distant sympathizers create mayhem, somewhere, any old time.

Now let us take a look at what protesters go to “war” for and identify the chief obstacles standing in the way of what they go to war for. First the obstacles; law and order have to go. Police are necessarily protested against and targeted in occasional killing sprees. Also, as in Ferguson and Baltimore, retail businesses are burned to the ground, sometimes after they have been ransacked and looted, but not always. Rarely is there a killing of the general population where organized protest actions occur. The general population is not a target because they are in all actuality the land of promise of the protester. And for the protester the fruit of the land is what trades people and other citizens of standing or wealth have built and accumulated through the years; while the disadvantaged, victimized oppressed stood by and watched on with ever growing jealousy and anger.

Though the land of the protester cannot be occupied; it can be enslaved, ruled over. Upon the removal of sufficient civil society protections afforded by effective law enforcement; the substitute land of the protester, the “enslaved,” can be forced to provide for their slave owners. In the process all are impoverished; but the Left, like Hillary with state secrets, lacks sufficient “sophistication” to understand such things. The Left is not necessarily alone in their protester prone mentality. Consider for a moment our second Iraq War, when we went in as “nation builders” rather than liberators of Kuwait as in the first Iraq War. In the second war we shut down, fired every vestige of Iraq’s native law enforcement: military and civil. Big mistake; those with police powers are the target of protesters, not a properly tasked military force. Acting like protesters we destroyed Iraq’s police presence, inadvertently preparing the way for ISIS, the real protesters; who value not the land but the people and faiths they now dominate, impoverish, rape, maim, torture, kill, and destroy.

What can we say about a political party, a government administration, individual politicians, a media, or individual journalists who side with protesters? First, they do not value the land, the real land, the land of promise governed by the rule of law that ensures all citizens can live in peace and security with their neighbors. Second, they do not value law enforcement or a court system dedicated to equal justice for all; blind to color of skin, wealth, or power. Finally, they do not hesitate to conquer the House floor, for they do not value the House or our Republic as a whole, but instead value the protester’s “right” to whip an enslaved people into submission and compliance.

Or as those advanced people around us, the evolutionists, the scientists say, “Might makes right.”

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