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I know we are at war in Iraq.

I know we are at war in Afghanistan

We may even be at war at home with the democratic party.

We may be at war around the world with radical islam.

We are definitely at war with terrorism.

But these are a long ways away from where I am talking about. Are we at war in Asia?

Since May 2017 there have been Three collisions at sea involving United States Navy Ships. On May 9th, the USS Lake Champlain was involved in a collision at sea with a South Korean fishing vessel.  The fishing vessel hit the port (left) side of the ship and was probably at fault.  On  June 17th, the USS Fitzgerald was hit by MV ACX Crystal, a Phillipine registered cargo ship on the starboard side (right) and the Fitzgerald was probably at fault. On August 21st, The USS John S. McCain was hit by a Liberian registered tanker, Alnic MC on the port side. The USS McCain was probably NOT at fault.

When there is a collision at sea, if the collision is on the left side of the ship, the other ship is probably at fault according to the accepted rules of the road.

Now, I am a retired U.S. Navy Officer. I have been involved in several collisions at sea during underway replenishment at sea evolutions. These have been glancing blows causing little or no damage.  It is beyond comprehension that so many collisions at sea could happen in such a short period of time in Asian Seas involving U.S Navy ships and civilian ships. One, maybe.  But three in just over 3 months, highly improbable.  Unless of course the U.S. Naval Academy is turning out incompetent Naval Officers (extremely unlikely).

Now, what about the possibility that they were intentional? A plausible explanation? What if a foreign power were to have influence over the steering of the three civilian ships? (think China or Korea).  What if they were able to infiltrate the crew of the three ships (placing a crew member in place that was loyal to the foreign power) and in reality purposefully caused the three collisions?

Seem far fetched?

Now, the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. McCain are two Arleigh Burke Destroyers, and maybe 10 percent of the destroyers in the Seventh Fleet that are capable of shooting down a ballistic missile fired from North Korea.   Still think coincidence?  I am thinking WAR.  Or at least impairing the ability of the United States of America to answer the call is North Korea were to launch a ballistic missile.

What about China’s hegemonic desires for the South China Sea? Their building and militarily defending islands claimed by numerous countries in the area and the United Nations supporting the smaller countries.  Our United States Navy weakened by collisions putting two of our first line destroyers out of commission for who knows how long.

Can we answer China’s aggression? Can we answer North Korea’s threats? Can we protect our allies in the Asian area, Seventh Fleet area? We are severely weakened by the loss of two major U.S. Navy ships and almost a third.

China and North Korea are allies! Still thinking coincidence?  Not from me!

I think we are at war and the U.S. Government is not acknowledging it, or does not realize it at his time. I prefer to think that they think it is coincidence at this time. There is still time to wake up.

Please let me know what you think my friends.


Now, let me introduce myself. I am conservative, Eagle Scout, Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks (actually a Major University) with a degree in Economics and a retired Military Officer.  If you like my writing and ideas, look me up on my new facebook page (Marks Karl). Or you can write me at [email protected]

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