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Ever since the night of November 8, 2016, the Leftwing establishment news media, most other Democrats, and the #NeverTrumpists have lost their collective minds. Normal people deal with grief in stages, with the last stage being acceptance, but not the Left. For them, America has become purgatory because Trump bedevils simply by being alive.

There was a time, of course, when the Left admired Trump, but not since he dared #WalkAway from the Democrat Party and run as a Republican. As unforgivable as that may be, the fact that he defeated seventeen Republicans, overcame #NeverTrumpist opposition to win the nomination and ultimately crushed the Jezebel Nightmare that November has driven them insane.

Let’s face it, the Left has always attracted crazies, social outcasts, and other losers. The Left becomes a magnet for anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian lunatics for whom politics is religion. And, like all crazed zealots, violence is never far from their minds. In the 20th Century alone, almost 200 million people around the world were butchered in the name of Progress because, like Walter Duranty of the New York Times said, “One cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”


The only difference between socialists of the 20th Century and the current variety is seventy-five years ago, socialists wore sharp-looking black uniforms with creases sharp enough to slice bread. Today, they tend to wear ratty blue jeans and black hoods. But, violence is the preferred political tool used by social outcast losers irked that no one pays them any attention. Some things never change.

In July 2017, a deranged Leftist with a list of Republican names fired hundreds of rounds at his “enemies” who practiced for the upcoming Congressional baseball game.

In October, another deranged Leftist killed scores of people in Las Vegas for crimes against humanity, i.e. for liking country music, and probably having voted for Donald J. Trump.

Since then, Leftists have encouraged their military arm to “get in their faces”, to follow them into stores, restaurants, gasoline stations, and tell them they’re not worthy of breath. Leftists welcome all forms of violence against their ideological enemies, including shooting out the windows of campaign offices in various locales.

People suspected of being Trump voters have been attacked continually. With clubs, bricks, bicycle locks, and anything the losers can grab and turn into a weapon. It is only a matter of time before one of those lunatics shoots innocent people for thinking politically incorrect thoughts.

And, although they don’t need to be encouraged, the fake media presents wall-to-wall coverage for any anti-Trump screed CNN and MSNBC fanatics hope will result in the Left pushing the envelope and stoking a second civil war. Democrats may not be good for a much of anything, but they do know how to start a civil war. The sad part is that after a half a million people are killed, another Appomattox will result, and the country will recover just like last time—with five hundred thousand fewer Americans than when it began.

Free Americans have the means to crush their wild socialist fantasies, however. We have the ability to thwart the Left’s Final Solution to Freedom and Prosperity, and we must not squander the opportunity. And, while I recognize the Left will resort to additional violence after we defeat them at the ballot box, we must overcome the enemies of Jews, Christians, and freedom-loving Americans.

All Americans who haven’t gone to the polls in years have the opportunity this time to make a real difference. Every vote counts. And the Left knows they’re in for a world of hurt. They’ve unleashed three October Surprises already, and who knows what else they’ll do before November 6?

But, expect something more than DNA “proof” of Faux Indian blood, fake bombs sent to Deep State Democrats with sealed indictments hanging over their heads, and murdering peaceable worshipers at a synagogue.

These deranged leftists have attacked We the People at nightclubs, churches, synagogues, run us down on the streets, and murdered us for enjoying country music. That’s who we’re up against.

Next Tuesday, November 6, 2018, we can fire back with a blistering, overwhelming salvo of ballots that, when the smoke clears, will leave an indelible impression even on clueless Leftists. GET OUT AND VOTE!

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