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SB 54 will be a disaster for California. Already, Prop 57 has converted  many violent felonies into misdemeanors and allowed those criminals back into our streets.  If SB 54 is passed; then MS-13 and other drug dealing gang members will rule California.   Criminal gangsters from all over the country will flood into our State, peddling drugs and warring for turf; just like they are doing in Chicago.  Our politicians and our law enforcement officials will become totally corrupt; as has happened in Mexico.  Drug addicted, homeless people will crowd into our cities.  In LA, 95% of outstanding warrants for homicide are for illegal aliens.* Crime will increase, because a vast number of  criminal illegals will be released back into our streets.

In 2016, California approved Proposition 57.* It reduced penalties for what it called “non-violent” crimes and allowed these criminals back into our streets.  Here is a partial list of those so-called “non-violent” crimes, which authorized release without any jail time:  Those who had committed Rape by intoxication; Rape of an unconscious person; Human trafficking involving sex act with minors; Drive-by shooting; Assault with a deadly weapon; Taking a hostage; Domestic violence involving trauma; Supplying a firearm to a gang member;  Lewd acts upon a child; Hate crime causing physical injury; Failing to register as a sex offender; Arson causing great bodily injury; Felon obtaining a firearm; Discharging a firearm on school grounds; False imprisonment of an elder.

SB 54 goes one step further.  It is sponsored by Kevin De Leon, who has publicly acknowledged that over half of his relatives living in California are illegals.  SB 54 makes it illegal for California law enforcement officers to have any discussions or cooperate with ICE and thereby shields criminal illegals from Federal prosecution and deportation.

State Senator Jeff Stone (R) spoke on the O’Reilly Factor last night.*  SB 54 will allow cooperation with ICE on murderers and rapists.  But, SB 54 makes it a criminal act for police, prison officials or probation officers to cooperate, or have any discussions with, ICE upon the release into our streets of dangerous illegals who have committed a vast list of other felonies.  California will shield from deportation any illegal who has committed manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, solicitation to commit murder, felony with hate crime enhancement, human trafficking, taking hostage,  drug offenses, domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, DUI, etc. If you remember, CA did not cooperate with ICE on the 5 times deported criminal drug dealer.  This monster acknowledged he went to San Francisco because it provided sanctuary for illegal criminals like him.   As a direct consequence of that,  a young and beautiful girl, Kate Steinle, was murdered.

All Californians who are against this law, should sign State Senator Jeff Stone’s  Referendum petition online.  It is very simple form, your name, email address and name of your town.  Show the DemoRats that we citizens do not want to become Chicago or Mexico and do not want drug dealing, violent criminal gangs to control our beautiful State. Go to Sen Jeff Stone’s website and sign his Petition:


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Prop 57:

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